Philadelphia Odds | USA Horse Racing Odds

Outright Markets
Race 1 Philadelphia
Cartier Cat (SP), Healys Hope (SP), Icy Storm (SP), Jupis Lightning (SP), Makabim (SP), Marisas Mission (SP), Mucho Macho Eddie (SP), Screen Saver (SP), Social Group (SP) Odds (0)
Race 10 Philadelphia
Bella Maria (SP), Bunny Bonus (SP), Cup Of Life (SP), Lady Yellen (SP), Laramore (SP), Misquillo (SP), Miss Alex (SP), Mythreebutterflies (SP), Parisian Vibe (SP), Popthechampagne Ro (SP) Odds (0)
Race 2 Philadelphia
Alcala (SP), Burning Embers (SP), Corona Campione (SP), Far Too Foxy (SP), Maher (SP), Maria Says So (SP), Mii Amo (SP), Sweet Mischief (SP) Odds (0)
Race 3 Philadelphia
Coach Has Six Aces (SP), Ifihadachance (SP), Peytons College (SP), Queen Cadence (SP), Reiterate (SP), Sense A Million (SP), Starship Rogue (SP), Wishing Ona Prayer (SP) Odds (0)
Race 4 Philadelphia
About The Multiple (SP), Awesome Launch (SP), Doctor Doom (SP), Ets Magic Man (SP), Excursion (SP), Just Nod And Smile (SP), Sevier (SP), Strum And Pluck (SP), Suigu Star (SP) Odds (0)
Race 5 Philadelphia
Alma Brilha (SP), Apollonia Vitelli (SP), Baynham (SP), Breezy Dance (SP), Dreamingoffreedom (SP), La Sierva C (SP), Lucky Opportunity (SP), Our Lady In Red (SP), Steal The Deal (SP), Stella Mia (SP) Odds (0)
Race 6 Philadelphia
Amigos Guitar (SP), Catch My Vibe (SP), Cousin Andrew (SP), Empires Score (SP), Hide The Ransom (SP), Jump Shot (SP), Meru (SP), Mundo Mix (SP), Nick The Cardshark (SP), Sand Dune (SP) Odds (0)
Race 7 Philadelphia
Angelus Warrior (SP), Artistic Reason (SP), Heffner (SP), Hornbeam (SP), Hurricane Highway (SP), Its Game Time (SP), Large (SP), Look Out Lambo (SP), Lord Mio (SP), Maxim Moment (SP) Odds (0)
Race 8 Philadelphia
Baafeed (SP), Capt. Candy (SP), Enforcer (SP), Geebert (SP), Happy Farm (SP), Iconic Legacy (SP), Legal Deal (SP), On The Come Up (SP), Traders Luck (SP), Winninonweekends (SP) Odds (0)
Race 9 Philadelphia
Concealed Carry (SP), My Imagination (SP), Overly Critical (SP), Richs Way (SP), Roadtriptonowhere (SP), Simovitch (SP), Ten Gauge (SP), The Khozan One (SP), Tops The Chart (SP) Odds (0)