Selection / Event Current Best Odds Change in Average Odds  

Man City or TSG Hoffenheim

Man City v TSG Hoffenheim » UNKNOWN » UEFA Champions League

1.11 1.08 1.10 18.6% St Bet Now

Man City

Man City v TSG Hoffenheim » UNKNOWN » UEFA Champions League

1.22 1.19 1.21 12.2% St Bet Now

Over 2.5

Real Madrid v CSKA Moscow » UNKNOWN » UEFA Champions League

1.44 1.37 1.40 6.8% St Bet Now


I didn't back it because it was too big a price We've all been put off selections which have drifted in the market or that appear to be available at too big a price.
It doesn't make sense does it? Especially as many of them go on to win. If you are getting a better price than you expected, it could mean that you are getting
a value bet!

Is there Something Wrong?

Try and work out why a selection is drifting. If you are looking at a football match, maybe there have been some injuries or team changes involving key players.
If it's a horse, maybe people think it wont act on the going or over the distance it is trying today..

Market Forces

This is the most likely cause of a drifter. If there isn't strong support for a selection, the bookmakers will increase the odds in an attempt to attract more money. Maybe the selection is drifting as a result of other selections in the market being well supported. Perhaps a popular tipster has touted a particular selection;
maybe a popular team is all the rage with fans. If one or more selections in the market have been well backed then others will drift out as the bookies attempt to attract more money for them in an effort to balance their books.

Trust Your Analysis

Don't be put off by a selection simply because it drifts in the market. Maybe others are responding to rumors or relying upon duff information. If nothing is wrong with your selection then trust your analysis. Those not backing it could be wrong!

When Drifters are Value

One of the best ways to find a value bet can be to go against the crowd. Support for the popular selections will see the others drift out in the market and this is where the shrewd punter can make their move, as the price available becomes value in their mind.

ValueChecker Drifters List

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