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What is Steamer?

We all love to be involved in a gamble don't we?
Perhaps it's the thought of being part of something that could break the bookies! John McCririck brings the whispers and gossip of the betting ring to life on Channel 4 Racing with comments such as

  1. The faces are in the ring for this one
  2. It's being backed by those in the know
  3. Which moments later are followed by comments such as “they are coming out of the bars to back this one and they don't care what price they are getting.”

As the gambles gather momentum they turn into steamers as almost everyone wants to be on. Apart from following tipsters, its movements in the betting market which have the biggest impact on punters behavior.

Should I follow the steamers?

Its sensible to keep an eye on the market for clues and our steamers list helps you do this by highlighting these moves early on. If a selection has strong market confidence behind it then it is worth investigating. Assessing significant market moves alongside other information can help you identify possible good or bad value bets.

Has The Value Gone?

Be careful to follow the money, as once started, gambles tend to gather momentum far beyond their true significance. What some of the “faces” might have thought was a value bet at 16/1 may not represent such good value by time that price reaches 8/1.

A steamer in a market could cause other selections to become value propositions as they become drifters.

Analysing Price Movement?

While steamers are most commonly associated with Racing they can be found in any sport. This page allows you to analyse all significant price movements no matter what sport and provided links to both the latest odds and also to some detailed info about the price movements so you can see how the best odds,
average odds, and odds by bookies have been changing over the past few hour By analysing the price movement down to specific bookmaker price changes
you can get a better feeling for its significance. In particular many feel a price changes by a highly liquid bookies such as Coral, Ladbrokes or Hills is far more significant that one by the smaller bookies for whom it takes less money to move their price.