Ireland Horse Racing Odds

Outright Markets
1:40 Leopardstown
Captain Cody (1.62), Blizzard Of Oz (4.00), Backtonormal (11.00), The Other Mozzie (23.00), Purse Price (51.00), Mill House Creek (101), Drumgill (151)
Odds (10)
2:15 Leopardstown
Do The Math (NR), Emeric (NR), Crooked Tannie (1.80), Zeeband (6.50), Master Otis (7.50), Gabriel Ranger (11.00), Lord Vader (11.00), Tina Meehan (21.00), Brave Adam (26.00), Lummi Island (29.00)
Odds (10)
2:25 Leopardstown
Aurea Fortuna (SP), Brave Adam (SP), Captain Jake (SP), Gold In The Rivers (SP), Nemo (SP), Postileo (SP), Rath Gaul Boy (SP), Rokathir (SP), Twoohthree (SP) Odds (0)
2:50 Leopardstown
Cash Back (2.75), Ashdale Bob (3.75), Dee Capo (3.75), Sir Allen (12.00), Effernock Fizz (23.00), Laurie Blue (151)
Odds (10)
3:00 Leopardstown
Ashdale Flyer (SP), Doyen Magic (SP), Magic Dawn (SP), Miss D Hunter (SP), Notkeepinyagoing (SP), Pfeiffer (SP), Roxhill Roise (SP), Royal Cave (SP), Slotty Dotty (SP) Odds (0)
3:25 Leopardstown
Coillte Aris (NR), Gamigin (6.00), Clear The Clouds (7.50), Magic Olinger (9.00), Tuckmill (11.00), Clever Currency (13.00), The Lucky Lobster (13.00), Ivane (15.00), Milk Market (15.00), Miss Gherkin (17.00)
Odds (10)
3:30 Leopardstown
Ballycashin (SP), Bella Bliss (SP), Bestaline (SP), Blossom De Mai (SP), Champella (SP), Circus Act (SP), Doyenna (SP), Game And Glory (SP), Lovely Reaction (SP), Magic Conqueror (SP) Odds (0)
4:00 Leopardstown
Balum (SP), Chance The Robin (SP), Cosmo Renfro (SP), From The Ashes (SP), Hes Home Again (SP), Jerk (SP), Just Three (SP), Magic Sadler (SP), No Fussing (SP), Redzy Rocco (SP) Odds (0)
4:00 Leopardstown
Digby (NR), Snake Oil (4.33), Genois (5.00), Grandero Bello (9.00), Birchdale (9.50), Now Where Or When (9.50), Battle Of Mirbat (11.00), Drumbear (19.00), The Little Yank (21.00), The Abbey (26.00)
Odds (10)
4:30 Leopardstown
Ambitious Fellow (SP), Aspire Tower (SP), Cadatharla (SP), Gua Du Large (SP), Horantzau Dairy (SP), Je Tai Porte (SP), Marelly (SP), Paul Marvel (SP), Sammy Smart (SP), Thecompanysergeant (SP) Odds (0)
4:35 Leopardstown
Wheres Frankie (5.00), Young Dev (6.00), Cavalry Master (6.50), Pictures Of Home (8.00), Joy Of Life (8.50), Temptationinmilan (13.00), Old Soul (15.00), Outside The Door (17.00), So Des Flos (19.00), Favori Logique (26.00)
Odds (10)
5:05 Leopardstown
Baldurs Gate (SP), Lars Lass (SP), Marronstown (SP), Nazine (SP), School Lane (SP), Soldaro (SP), Soloman Lane (SP), St Deniss Well (SP) Odds (0)
5:07 Leopardstown
Man Of Action (NR), Buckaway Freddie (4.00), Nitty Gritty (6.00), Kilbarry Ace (7.50), Baron Noir (8.00), Rural Link (9.00), Glynn Brae (11.00), Delta Force (17.00), Rampere West (29.00)
Odds (10)
5:35 Leopardstown
Dansanttothetune (SP), Erindale (SP), Magic McColgan (SP), Neon Diamond (SP), Shes A Nightowl (SP), Stoneyford Lady (SP), Tell Me This (SP), Thats All (SP) Odds (0)