USA Horse Racing Odds

Outright Markets
Race 1 Woodbine
Chairman Bob (SP), Cruden Bay (SP), Im Dashing (SP), Kid Forester (SP), Maakwa (SP), Ocelot (SP), Souper Classy (SP), U S Army Corps (SP) Odds (0)
Race 10 Woodbine
Arzak (SP), Bound For Nowhere (SP), Chuck Willis (SP), Elektronic (SP), Into The Sunrise (SP), Olympic Runner (SP), Silent Poet (SP), Tap It To Win (SP), Turned Aside (SP), Voodoo Zip (SP) Odds (0)
Race 11 Woodbine
Boxer Brief (SP), Chunky Monkey (SP), Dragons Key (SP), Echo With Laughter (SP), Hardware Gap (SP), It Worked (SP), Mr. De (SP), Primordial Fear (SP), Seven Is A Breeze (SP), Sugar Ray (SP) Odds (0)
Race 2 Woodbine
Big Ginger (SP), Bittersweetbizness (SP), Donnarumma (SP), Doppler (SP), Keystone Law (SP), Lillz Hope (SP), Loaded Secret (SP), Remembering Rhoda (SP), Stole The Ring (SP), Tara Luna (SP) Odds (0)
Race 3 Woodbine
Anyquist (SP), Beravina (SP), Dawn Pharoah (SP), Mardene (SP), No More Diamonds (SP), Trizzel Trazzel (SP), Warwoman (SP), Zippity Day (SP) Odds (0)
Race 4 Woodbine
Ashwicken (SP), Cappy (SP), Few Regrets (SP), Fiannas Song (SP), Gayelette (SP), Ladywearsthering (SP), Now Is A Breeze (SP), Spirit Dance (SP), Turf And Surf (SP), Vivid Vixen (SP) Odds (0)
Race 5 Woodbine
Admonish (SP), Angelou (SP), Bizymaline (SP), Emmeline (SP), Lido Key (SP), Maccools Girl (SP), Quinte Road (SP), Richies Noble Girl (SP), Teachers Pet (SP), Who Says (SP) Odds (0)
Race 6 Woodbine
A Gal For T J (SP), Alberta Be Mine (SP), Born Dapper (SP), Cairo Consort (SP), Diosa Catrina (SP), Fortyfiveseventy (SP), Golden Train (SP), Jokes Up (SP), Lady Gabrielle (SP), Only At Midnite (SP) Odds (0)
Race 7 Woodbine
Absolute Jewel (SP), Catiche (SP), Ephrata (SP), Gizala (SP), Join The Dance (SP), Mrs. Barbara (SP), Pioneers Edge (SP), Souper Hoity Toity (SP) Odds (0)
Race 8 Woodbine
Broadway Lady (SP), Crystal Cliffs (SP), Dreaming Of Drew (SP), La Libertee (SP), Lady Speightspeare (SP), Lady War Machine (SP), Our Flash Drive (SP), Peace Seeker (SP), Perseverancia (SP), Plum Ali (SP) Odds (0)
Race 8 Woodbine
Took A Wrong Turn (NR), Giant One (3.50), Spring Mountain (4.00), Morning Thoughts (4.33), Fifty Three (6.50), War Court (6.50), Conditional (11.00), Bet N Win (26.00), Milwaukee Bay (26.00)
Odds (6)
Race 9 Woodbine
Allegorical (SP), Duke Of Love (SP), Fuerteventura (SP), Ironstone (SP), Lac Macaza (SP), Mannix (SP), Rondure (SP), Unraptured (SP) Odds (0)
Race 9 Woodbine
Big Ginger (NR), Keystone Law (NR), Tara Luna (NR), Green Gables (4.00), Theodoropoulos (4.50), Oheavens (6.00), Muskoka Summer (6.50), Cedar Valley (8.50), Rum Raisin (9.00), Flashy Get Even (15.00)
Odds (6)
Race 1 Gulfstream Park
Boris (SP), Cajun Gem (SP), Cheerful Charlie (SP), Classic Car Wash (SP), Companuevo (SP), Gran Slash (SP), Illsmileagain (SP), Mariachi Crush (SP), Mr. Ash (SP), Super Chow (SP) Odds (0)
Race 10 Gulfstream Park
Allworthy (SP), Ce Ce (SP), Corey (SP), Glass Ceiling (SP), Make Mischief (SP), Spirit Wind (SP) Odds (0)
Race 11 Gulfstream Park
Big Boy Tizzy (SP), Broadway Ruckus (SP), Glory And Victory (SP), Golden Wonder (SP), Grave Danger (SP), J P Cornetta (SP), Johnnie Got Jets (SP), Mid Atlantic (SP), Our Noble Ortega (SP), Palace Singer (SP) Odds (0)
Race 2 Gulfstream Park
Code Name Lise (SP), Golden Isle (SP), Little Belita (SP), Muguruza (SP), Pronta (SP), Sacred Sunday (SP), Senorita Salsa (SP), Truly Ambitious (SP) Odds (0)
Race 3 Gulfstream Park
Blanks Hat Trick (SP), Bobbys Gift (SP), Extraction Will (SP), Hector B (SP), Hidden Warrior (SP), Minister Quinn (SP), Sleeping Empire (SP), Unique Time (SP), Wootdareitis (SP) Odds (0)
Race 4 Gulfstream Park
Always Eden (SP), Cest Parti (SP), Dontmesswithtess (SP), Lady Mechanic (SP), Miss Bethel (SP), Miss Mamba (SP), Raison The Glass (SP), Vandalia (SP) Odds (0)
Race 4 Gulfstream Park
Quite Ready (NR), Admiral Truffles (3.75), Starting Up (3.75), Si Como No (5.50), Pure Speight (7.50), Perfect Picture (12.00), On Jet Heir (21.00), Summer Ash (21.00), The Red Wraith (23.00), Federal Exchange (81.00)
Odds (7)
Race 5 Gulfstream Park
Big Daddy Dave (SP), Exchange Day (SP), Grainger County (SP), Henrys World (SP), Hope In Him (SP), Indy Lyon (SP), Loyal Louie (SP) Odds (0)
Race 5 Gulfstream Park
First Rule (NR), R Private Jet (2.50), Tapsasional (4.20), Khozy My Boy (6.00), Noble Empire (7.00), Stormy Pattern (8.00), Golden Juan (17.00)
Odds (7)
Race 6 Gulfstream Park
Capridrey (SP), Fearless Girl (SP), Holiday Princess (SP), Jah (SP), Lemonade Lady (SP), Morena Dancer (SP), Path To Victory (SP), Racing Colors (SP), Ride Little Girl (SP), Rough Enough (SP) Odds (0)
Race 6 Gulfstream Park
Lets Be Honest (3.25), Chitienne (5.00), Emirates Affair (5.50), Lookinlikeaqueen (7.50), Foxy Lady (10.00), Pacific Princess (12.00), No Decaf (15.00), Starship Nugget (21.00)
Odds (7)
Race 7 Gulfstream Park
Absolute Grit (SP), Drain The Clock (SP), Gatsby (SP), Pudding (SP), Willy Boi (SP), Yes Im A Beast (SP) Odds (0)
Race 7 Gulfstream Park
Uncle Armando (3.50), Laker Mamba (5.00), Buenisimo (5.50), Seize The Hay (5.50), Prefect (7.00), Invisible War (8.00), Tap Gold (15.00)
Odds (7)
Race 8 Gulfstream Park
Bourbon Wisdom (SP), Il Faraone (SP), Lusitano (SP), Meade (SP), Mr. Sarcastic (SP), Nacho Papa (SP), One Eyed Jack (SP), Tone Feelin (SP) Odds (0)
Race 8 Gulfstream Park
Solair (NR), With Liberty (3.25), Uncaptured Faith (4.50), Panther Command (6.00), The Jokes On Me (6.00), She Fooled You (10.00), Truly A Dream (10.00), Mudshaft (13.00), Ultimate Breeze (26.00)
Odds (7)
Race 9 Gulfstream Park
Beinfun (SP), King Cairo (SP), Merzaz (SP), Neverstopdreaming (SP), Power (SP), Prospect Project (SP), Royal War (SP), Spring The Beast (SP), The Red Man (SP), Valhalla Air Base (SP) Odds (0)
Race 1 Laurel Park
Awesome Lawson (SP), Deemed Essential (SP), Icy Reply (SP), La Familia (SP), Love Ran Red (SP), Market Of Stocks (SP), Sassy Babe (SP), Sweet Talia (SP), Yira (SP), Zola B (SP) Odds (0)
Race 10 Laurel Park
Bardolino (SP), Big Tall Dawg (SP), Jimmy The Kid (SP), Papal Law (SP), Phase Out (SP), Robeys Boy (SP), Rohrbacher (SP), Silardi (SP), Spitball (SP) Odds (0)
Race 2 Laurel Park
Alas And Alack (SP), Back Seat Betty (SP), Meat Sweats (SP), Miss Fussy Pants (SP), Never Free (SP), Replicated (SP) Odds (0)
Race 3 Laurel Park
Clubman (SP), Fortunes Fool (SP), Honor The Fleet (SP), Knowhowiknow (SP), One Two Kid (SP), Our Hoisted Mast (SP), Silent Malice (SP), Sugar Daddy (SP) Odds (0)
Race 4 Laurel Park
Captain Quint (SP), Class Wizard (SP), Imagine It All (SP), It Beast All (SP), King Of Sting (SP), Oboy (SP), Pursuing Pace (SP), Steady Eddie (SP), Stimulus Maker (SP), The Last Scip (SP) Odds (0)
Race 5 Laurel Park
Candy Corner (SP), Fortes (SP), If Then (SP), Micksbestbetyet (SP), Miss Foxann (SP), Rationalmillennial (SP), Showem Whos Boss (SP), Splendid View (SP) Odds (0)
Race 6 Laurel Park
Canoodle (SP), Click To Confirm (SP), Dotada (SP), Dry Well (SP), Little Ms Scarlet (SP), Swayin To And Fro (SP), Wicked Hot (SP) Odds (0)
Race 7 Laurel Park
Bourbon Wildcat (SP), Eifs (SP), Killy Start (SP), Lola Flo (SP), Looks Dont Lie (SP), Magical Luna (SP), Royal Engagement (SP), Senson (SP), Stony Point (SP), Tritone Gal (SP) Odds (0)
Race 8 Laurel Park
Bess (SP), Big Cheeks (SP), Edie Meeny Miny Mo (SP), Glowsity (SP), Hybrid Eclipse (SP), Stand For The Flag (SP), The Grass Is Blue (SP), Wholebodemeister (SP) Odds (0)
Race 9 Laurel Park
Alottahope (SP), Defend (SP), Nimitz Class (SP), Old Homestead (SP), Scaramouche (SP), Tops The Chart (SP) Odds (0)
Race 9 Laurel Park
Schoolyard Bully (NR), Super E (3.50), Favorite Image (3.75), On The Engine (5.00), Titrate (8.50), Honor My World (9.00), Virginia Fulla (9.00), Im Not Slow (17.00), Erawan (21.00), Sam In Style (26.00)
Odds (8)
Race 1 Evangeline Downs
Caribe Nights (SP), Monzza (SP), Move It (SP), One Proud Boy (SP), Optimistic (SP), Quana Dude (SP) Odds (0)
Race 2 Evangeline Downs
Carlos Loves Tee (SP), Kappa Hill (SP), Lyonaisse (SP), Mschitchattour (SP), Shes My Priority (SP), Suffragette (SP) Odds (0)
Race 3 Evangeline Downs
Ask Dale (SP), Lukia (SP), Ryans Grace (SP), Shes Waynes (SP), Stellar Fantasy (NR), Teasin Tesla (SP), Trinity Hope (SP) Odds (0)
Race 4 Evangeline Downs
A Wish For Madelyn (SP), American Rebel (SP), Be A Bandit (SP), Cajun Shots (SP), Holy War (SP), Izeonpoint (SP), J Zs First (SP), Old Fashion Amour (SP), Pretty Production (SP) Odds (0)
Race 5 Evangeline Downs
Double On The Red (SP), Eye Dee Kay (SP), Long Arrow (SP), Mr. Wimbledon Bay (SP), Production Time (SP), Putthehammerdown (SP), Sergeant Reckless (SP), Time To Move (SP) Odds (0)
Race 6 Evangeline Downs
Broke Financing (SP), Gee Gee (SP), Green Monster (SP), Lil Allie Dancer (SP), Love To Learn (SP), Romantic Beast (SP), Sweet Prayers (SP) Odds (0)
Race 7 Evangeline Downs
Gold Included (SP), Island Hideaway (SP), Just Passing Thru (SP), Lady Valentine (SP), Net A Bear (SP), Quinn Ella (SP), Splenda Gail (SP), Valentines Day (SP) Odds (0)
Race 8 Evangeline Downs
Beyond DOro (SP), Debbies Passage (NR), Lacis Jewel (SP), Loneshilohspecial (SP), Moment To Dream (SP), My Girl Sweet (SP), My Sweet Sophia (SP), Rockett Magic (SP), Tugboat (SP) Odds (0)
Race 1 Belmont Park
Apple Picker (SP), Extessa (SP), Fly High (SP), Graceful (SP), Maria From Miami (SP), Mysterious Stare (SP), Ransom Style (SP), Tribal Queen (SP) Odds (0)
Race 10 Belmont Park
Bay Street Money (SP), Celestial City (SP), Devils Outlaw (SP), Efficiency (SP), Hidden Enemy (SP), Hold The Salsa (SP), Jerry The Nipper (SP), Khafre (SP), Klickitat (SP), Listentoyourheart (SP) Odds (0)
Race 2 Belmont Park
Basilia (SP), Chaysenbryn (SP), Lady Of Thoroton (SP), Linny Kate (SP), Maybe Later (SP), Miss Delicious (SP), More Mango (SP), Twirling Patti (SP), Voice Of Spring (SP) Odds (0)
Race 3 Belmont Park
Book Of Delancey (SP), Datesfreedom (SP), Disengage (SP), El Veinticuatro (SP), Lucky Brody (SP), Lucky Mucho Man (SP), Tuesdays Child (SP) Odds (0)
Race 4 Belmont Park
Harvard (SP), Life Is Good (SP), Repo Rocks (SP), Speakers Corner (SP), War Tocsin (SP) Odds (0)
Race 5 Belmont Park
Breakwater (SP), Calloway Peak (SP), Capensis (SP), Emboite (SP), Internal Capital (SP), Making It (SP), Running Bee (SP), Sosua Summer (SP) Odds (0)
Race 6 Belmont Park
Air Show (SP), Blake B. (SP), Bold Victory (SP), Dangerous Edge (SP), Endowed (SP), Writeitontheice (SP) Odds (0)
Race 7 Belmont Park
Autumn Glory (SP), Big Als Gal (SP), Dufresne (SP), Happy Hill Lil (SP), Kiss Me Smile (SP), Loves Misery (SP), Makin My Move (SP), Scott Alaia (SP), Shes A Mia (SP) Odds (0)
Race 8 Belmont Park
Charge It (SP), Fluid Situation (SP), Nabokov (SP), No Sabe Nada (SP), Runninsonofagun (SP), Unbridled Bomber (SP) Odds (0)
Race 8 Belmont Park
Kuramata (3.00), Kinenos (5.00), Tiberius Mercurius (8.50), Space Launch (9.00), Aviano (11.00), Bluegrass Parkway (11.00), Slicked Back (11.00), Offlee Naughty (12.00), Dynadrive (21.00)
Odds (8)
Race 9 Belmont Park
A Little Faith (SP), Anador (SP), Awillaway (SP), Chasing Cara (SP), Cruz Bay (SP), Hot Fudge (SP), Mail Order (SP), Monshun (SP), Nota Bene (SP), Ogotten Girl (SP) Odds (0)
Race 9 Belmont Park
Brew Pub (NR), Motion To Strike (NR), Zip Line To Heaven (NR), Boom Boom Kaboom (4.00), Fast N Fearious (4.00), Standup (4.50), Our Troubadour (7.00), Charger (8.00), Gaslight (10.00), Custom Bobbys (13.00)
Odds (3)
Race 1 Fairmount Park
Abbmar (SP), Apple Valley (SP), Friend (SP), Special Conquest (SP), Weekend Pass (SP) Odds (0)
Race 1 Fairmount Park
Bulu (SP), Grammar (SP), Rendlake (SP), Two More Times (SP), Universiade (SP) Odds (0)
Race 2 Fairmount Park
American Success (SP), Campaign Spy (SP), Comfort Me Now (SP), Dang It Cassie (SP), Lemon Blitz (SP), Try Try Again (SP) Odds (0)
Race 2 Fairmount Park
Ghaalebs Appeal (SP), Ghaalebs Sicilian (SP), Lillet (SP), My Wife Is Boss (SP), Present Of Hero (SP), Tryst Cat (SP) Odds (0)
Race 3 Fairmount Park
Bubba Caballo (SP), Change Direction (SP), Crowned Leader (SP), E Z Tapit (SP), Its Bellamy Time (SP), Po Boy (SP), Yalikeanything (SP) Odds (0)
Race 3 Fairmount Park
Bugsys Wave Ryder (SP), Cairo Summer (SP), G Money Liv (SP), My Lady Slew (SP), Queen Ekati (SP), Vale Of Evesham (SP), Wildwoods Wildcat (SP) Odds (0)
Race 4 Fairmount Park
Afooler (SP), Almafuerte (SP), Apollo U Anywhere (SP), First Squadron (SP), Rare Action Attack (SP) Odds (0)
Race 4 Fairmount Park
Co Conspirator (SP), Dare Goes Da Devil (SP), Khozans Success (SP), Seminole Beach (SP), Some Dude (SP), Turbinado (SP) Odds (0)
Race 5 Fairmount Park
Awinbeneathmywings (SP), Concoction (SP), Dexters Hard Time (SP), El Fefo (SP), El Romantico (SP), Off To The Beach (SP), Taiga Honey (SP), Wave The Gold (SP) Odds (0)
Race 5 Fairmount Park
Bumper Girl (SP), Burning Bush (SP), Creal Sugar (SP), Cybertap (SP), Delta Lady (SP), Ellie Blue (SP), Scapiture (SP), Stephanies Melody (SP) Odds (0)
Race 6 Fairmount Park
Azrael (SP), Chicks For Free (SP), Mind Your Own Biz (SP), One Putt Richie (SP), Palago (SP), Tkotchke (SP) Odds (0)
Race 6 Fairmount Park
Big Money Mike (SP), Incorruptible (SP), Karayel (SP), Majestic Attack (SP), Palace Kitten (SP), Violenza Doro (SP) Odds (0)
Race 7 Fairmount Park
Abstract Paynter (SP), Baba Lou (SP), Darcher (SP), King Tito (SP), Long Station (SP), Marcos Dream (SP), Peacock Man (SP), Rahfee Town (SP) Odds (0)
Race 7 Fairmount Park
Bel Bimbo (SP), Cool Ambition (SP), Dr. Liechty (SP), Goneghost (SP), R H Smoakem (SP), Stump (SP), Yaba Daba Doo (SP) Odds (0)
Race 1 Delaware Park
Charity Stripe (SP), Elusive Ryder (SP), Hetty G. (SP), Nanas Shoes (SP), Sing Along Suzy (SP), Viking Queen (SP) Odds (0)
Race 2 Delaware Park
Gran Runner (SP), I Am That I Am (SP), Little Vic (SP), Midnight Fire (SP), Shanghai Superfly (SP), The Sicarii (SP) Odds (0)
Race 3 Delaware Park
Believe In Freedom (SP), Chameleon (SP), Fits The Jill (SP), Jackie B Good (SP), Quality (SP), Queen Macha (SP), Queens Warrant (SP), She So Cool (SP), Silver Sea (SP), Three Coins (SP) Odds (0)
Race 4 Delaware Park
Borracho (SP), Defend (SP), Drafted (SP), Full Authority (SP), Greeley And Ben (SP), Hopeful Treasure (SP), No Cents (SP), Sir Alfred James (SP), Whereshetoldmetogo (SP) Odds (0)
Race 5 Delaware Park
Center Stage (SP), Gizala (SP), Lay The Groundwork (SP), Parnac (SP), Saucy Lady T (SP), Shad Nation (SP), Sparkle Blue (SP), Tap The Faith (SP), Tasweya (SP) Odds (0)
Race 6 Delaware Park
Chardonnay (SP), Frippet (SP), Midnight Stroll (SP), Morning Matcha (SP), Republique (SP), Sandstone (SP), Shotgun Hottie (SP), Unadulterated (SP) Odds (0)
Race 7 Delaware Park
Elizar (SP), King Of Hollywood (SP), Main Event (SP), Rod Two Rod (SP), Speaking Scout (SP), Tommy Bee (SP), Uncle Irish (SP), Wow Whata Summer (SP), Xy Time (SP) Odds (0)
Race 8 Delaware Park
Firstcadete (SP), Loverboy Lou (SP), Manahawkin (SP), Native Hawk (SP), Pictor (SP), Swing West (SP), Yabba Dabba Dude (SP) Odds (0)