USA Horse Racing Odds

Outright Markets
Race 1 Woodbine
Absolute Jewel (SP), Chancel (SP), Chromes Angel (SP), Developing The Way (SP), Its A Birdie (SP), Robitaille (SP), Society Joe (SP), Super Headline (SP) Odds (0)
Race 10 Woodbine
Encourageachother (SP), English Jubilee (SP), Idyllic (SP), Lemon Sweets (SP), Mckenzie Road (SP), Midsummer Mo (SP), Momunnyfor Ro (SP), Nantuckets Day (SP), Quest To Be Proud (SP), Romantica (SP) Odds (0)
Race 2 Woodbine
British Crown (SP), Contagiouslaughter (SP), Dreams And Schemes (SP), Foxy Diva (SP), I Have An Idea (SP), Lady Xi (SP), Masons Music (SP), Mitole Power (SP), Rocket Riley (SP), Sarahs Dancer (SP) Odds (0)
Race 3 Woodbine
Alta Calibre (3.00), Pop Idol (3.75), Just Like That (4.00), Mikelle (7.50), Shotgun Wedding (10.00), Scat Girl (11.00), Soupergirl (21.00)
Odds (1)
Race 4 Woodbine
Birch Bark (SP), Fedaline (SP), Forest Vixen (SP), Forever Danish (SP), Makayla (SP), P. S. Rising Star (SP), Smoken Chloe (SP), Take Chances (SP), Well Actually (SP) Odds (0)
Race 5 Woodbine
Amazin Queen (SP), Arriviste (SP), Destiny Ro (SP), Mi Corazon (SP), Miss Roberts (SP), My Sunny Valentine (SP), Ready For Shirl (SP), Strega (SP) Odds (0)
Race 6 Woodbine
Design Diva (SP), Dixie Timber (SP), Duval Street (SP), Mrs. Hot Shot (SP), Privacy Setting (SP), Race Day Chance (SP), Save The Date (SP), Tianma (SP), Tipsys Empire (SP) Odds (0)
Race 7 Woodbine
Painted Glory (3.00), Vucchella (3.50), Literate (5.00), Solo Mission (7.00), Houlihan (9.00), Beautiful Sky (15.00), Empires Treat (17.00), Ryo Amazing (21.00), Heliocentric (41.00)
Odds (1)
Race 8 Woodbine
Creeds Gold (SP), Dancing Duchess (SP), Karaya (SP), Rosa (SP), Stormcast (SP), Uphill Dance (SP), Zo Lee (SP) Odds (0)
Race 9 Woodbine
A Little Frisky (3.50), Inudation (3.50), My Girl Della (4.33), Kins Concerto (6.00), Final Draft (9.00), Winsome Beauty (11.00), Lookin To Conquer (21.00), Cinnamon Bits (34.00)
Odds (1)
Race 1 Churchill Downs
Chitwood (1.80), Legendary Lore (4.50), Oncoming Train (5.00), Woodythebidspotter (15.00), Jahez (26.00), Criminal Defense (34.00)
Odds (3)
Race 10 Churchill Downs
Champlin (3.75), Scotland (4.33), Happy Is A Choice (5.50), Track Mate (6.00), Surveillance (7.00), Payne (15.00), Radical Right (17.00), Eye Witness (19.00), Confidence Game (29.00)
Odds (3)
Race 11 Churchill Downs
Bakwena (SP), Clydes Got A Gun (SP), Fair Dinkum (SP), Harlocap (SP), Kigali (SP), Lincoln Highway (SP), Miranda Rights (SP), Out Of Deductions (SP), Scoobie Quando (SP), Space Launch (SP) Odds (0)
Race 2 Churchill Downs
Bling (SP), For The Flag (SP), Jungle Juice (SP), Neverwalkalone (SP), Not So Close (SP), Sister Lou Ann (SP), Watch This Birdie (SP) Odds (0)
Race 3 Churchill Downs
Indys Universe (4.00), Swiftwind (5.00), Evies Eyebrows (6.00), My Lady Bae (8.50), Melittlefrostgirl (10.00), Combattante (11.00), Flash Wear (11.00), Whitelick Road (17.00), Mercy Otis (21.00)
Odds (3)
Race 4 Churchill Downs
Windy Bay (3.50), Windy Walk (3.50), Thorny (6.50), Outofnothingatall (7.50), Classic Performer (10.00), Chiquita Mosca (13.00), Lady Mercedes (15.00)
Odds (3)
Race 5 Churchill Downs
Bostontonian (2.75), Sweet Fantasy (4.50), Coming In Hot (9.00), Deeply Hidden (9.00), Sergeant Capps (9.50), Missed The Turn (11.00), Optical (17.00), Sand Cast (17.00), Mister Woodford (26.00), Mendello (34.00)
Odds (3)
Race 6 Churchill Downs
B D Valeski (SP), Bushido (SP), Chiseler (SP), Clear The Air (SP), Counterstrike (SP), Outadore (SP), Rithm Nic (SP), Zoombie (SP) Odds (0)
Race 7 Churchill Downs
Vahva (2.00), Society (2.10), Chi Town Lady (13.00), Royal Spa (26.00), Positano Sunset (34.00)
Odds (3)
Race 8 Churchill Downs
Genetics (4.00), Save Time (4.50), Queen Of Paris (5.00), Chilled (8.00), Penny Royal (8.00), Sustancia (8.50), Not Guilty (13.00), Joelma (19.00), Kiss Me Again (19.00), Murphys Gift (23.00)
Odds (3)
Race 9 Churchill Downs
Here U Come Again (3.50), Minks Palace (3.50), She Called (4.50), Blue Squall (9.50), Tipsy Tammy (9.50), Caress (13.00), Georges Honey (17.00), Amy Z (21.00), Hattie T (41.00), Whats Crackin (51.00)
Odds (3)
Race 1 Gulfstream Park
Hey River (3.50), Captain Anthony (3.75), Harrington (4.33), Born A Gambler (7.50), Bandero (10.00), Hari (12.00), Flatter Me (13.00), Mufrih (19.00), Gone Nuts (26.00), Samaritano (26.00)
Odds (1)
Race 10 Gulfstream Park
Belts n Brooks (SP), Big Bucksalot (SP), Boldness (SP), Camptown Races (SP), Eric The Salesman (SP), Guillaume (SP), Holiday Fantasy (SP), Seventy Seventycat (SP), Storm Brave (SP) Odds (0)
Race 11 Gulfstream Park
Battle Of Dover (SP), Bold Advance (SP), Dontbesoogrouchy (SP), Down In The Valley (SP), Gemstone Warrior (SP), Immense Faith (SP), Kuwait Towers (SP), Las Olas (SP), Mr Brizel (SP), Mr Ramirez (SP) Odds (0)
Race 12 Gulfstream Park
Black Belt (SP), Coppermaster (SP), Lord Miles (SP), Love Me Not (SP), Positive Review (SP), Shaq Diesel (SP), Sir Saffer (SP), Ticking (SP) Odds (0)
Race 13 Gulfstream Park
Angel Nadeshiko (SP), Batucada (SP), Chicks Shadow (SP), Empress Ellie (SP), Friendlypersuasion (SP), Jans Girl (SP), Napa Candy (SP), No Valla (SP), Swoonatra (SP), Towser (SP) Odds (0)
Race 2 Gulfstream Park
Popstyle (2.75), Episode (3.75), Its Witchcraft (4.33), Class Play (6.50), You Decide (12.00), Abbey Theatre (21.00), Belle Mia (21.00), Mind Shift Game (21.00), Onemorsilverdollar (23.00), Goshaki Goshaki (41.00)
Odds (1)
Race 3 Gulfstream Park
Celestial Glaze (2.50), Luni Sima (3.00), Avant Glory (6.00), Absolute Grit (7.00), Pay Zone (11.00), High Strike (12.00), Southern Dream (51.00), San Costantino (67.00)
Odds (1)
Race 4 Gulfstream Park
Fastest (2.87), Hangin In There (4.50), Lamcaro (4.50), Ours For Sure (7.50), Fregon (9.50), Howard Wolowitz (11.00), Dikembe (19.00), Nando (19.00), Four Beach Friends (26.00), Tricky Tiger (26.00)
Odds (1)
Race 5 Gulfstream Park
Dove In Charge (1.91), Amor Y Control (4.50), Foxy Lady (4.50), Drinks On Me (8.00), Ideal Breeze (15.00), Macassa (34.00), Barbara (41.00)
Odds (1)
Race 6 Gulfstream Park
Bullet Valentina (SP), Chriss Motown Gal (SP), Cozys Palace (SP), Field Of Blossoms (SP), Lady Monique (SP), Musthavebeenlove (SP), Our Fortune Cookie (SP), Real Mikey (SP), Thank The Academy (SP) Odds (0)
Race 7 Gulfstream Park
Bubbly Champagne (SP), Catholika (SP), Gild The Lily (SP), Hockey (SP), Qualificata (SP), Show Off (SP), Simply Striking (SP) Odds (0)
Race 8 Gulfstream Park
A Touch Of Hail (SP), Bianka Heart (SP), Bigbouquetofroses (SP), Gouldian (SP), Mobay Princess (SP), Olivias Sparkle (SP), Personal Choice (SP), Princess Miss Emil (SP), R Disaster (SP), Sarahs Dream (SP) Odds (0)
Race 9 Gulfstream Park
Awesome Wind (SP), Banneker (SP), Breezer (SP), El De Josue (SP), Galipan (SP), Grand Bey (SP), Imapeppa (SP), Luna Warrior (SP), Miracle Trip (SP), Reds Revenge (SP) Odds (0)
Race 1 Laurel Park
Thunder In Paris (2.75), Pure Majestic (3.00), Sharedashenanigans (3.75), Ravenex (17.00), Sail Theseven Seas (17.00), Julias A Fox (26.00), Map To The Moon (67.00)
Odds (3)
Race 2 Laurel Park
Atmidnight (SP), Bunny Hop (SP), Concrete Faze (SP), Divine Magic (SP), Divine Spirit (SP), Emm Ess Eh (SP), Jobs Not Finished (SP), K Kake Pop (SP), Kapatude (SP), Momentous Miss (SP) Odds (0)
Race 3 Laurel Park
Maclin (3.13), Dance For Green (4.00), Find Faith (6.50), Master Of None (7.00), Order Ofthe Kettle (12.00), Ascendance (13.00), Award Nominated (17.00), Barons Legacy (19.00), Mister Agent (41.00)
Odds (3)
Race 4 Laurel Park
Play Like A Raven (2.20), Wisecrack Warrior (3.75), Skylars Brother (6.50), Magic Token (10.00), Vilaluz (15.00), Elvis Himself (41.00)
Odds (3)
Race 5 Laurel Park
Addys Laddy T N T (SP), Charmed (SP), Guapo Again (SP), John Hall (SP), Love You Much (SP), Psychedelic Shack (SP), Rad Paisley (SP), Shofar (SP), Smitten Enough (SP), Southern Lad (SP) Odds (0)
Race 6 Laurel Park
Fortunes Fool (2.63), Morning Thoughts (5.00), Workin On A Dream (6.00), Loose Goose (7.00), Formal Order (8.00), Shivaree (12.00), Dats Mr. Mo (15.00), Rocky Dice (51.00), Sassy King (51.00), Thruster (81.00)
Odds (3)
Race 7 Laurel Park
A P M Notion (SP), Daisy My Name (SP), Dropping Lemons (SP), Intel Agent (SP), Keep It Safe (SP), Lady Lemoncello (SP), Princess Lucia (SP), Promise Me Gold (SP), Quickcoffeerun (SP), Repeat After Me (SP) Odds (0)
Race 8 Laurel Park
Workislife (2.50), Derbyness (5.50), Waldrip (5.50), Rainy Skies (7.00), Rakia (9.00), Malinois (11.00)
Odds (3)
Race 9 Laurel Park
Any Fools Gold (SP), Audibly (SP), Battle Tested (SP), Channel Loop (SP), Easter Sunday Girl (SP), Feather Wish (SP), Go Wally Go (SP), Irish Angel (SP), Lady Ophelia (SP), Lorraines Way (SP) Odds (0)
Race 1 Charles Town
Brave Sand Rider (SP), Dowsing Rod (SP), Sensual Chocolate (SP), Super Buster (SP), Thunderslam (SP), Tizawinner (SP) Odds (0)
Race 2 Charles Town
Aims Jubilee (SP), Barbers Point (SP), Honours Choice (SP), Iheartrainacomn (SP), Lucky Blonde (SP), No Denying Denis (SP), Timetogetup (SP) Odds (0)
Race 3 Charles Town
American Bound (SP), At The Half (SP), Caliente Rum (SP), Fortes (SP), Jamestown Road (SP), Sisters Duty (SP), Take Charge Erica (SP), True Heiress (SP), Valid Reason (SP) Odds (0)
Race 4 Charles Town
Curlins Malibu (SP), Dontmesawithme (SP), Holy Synchronicity (SP), Muaddib (SP), Oconner Sunset (SP), Social Chic (SP) Odds (0)
Race 5 Charles Town
Aldarighttricks (SP), Bad Lineage (SP), Bradley Do Right (SP), Court Tudor (SP), Exclusive Original (SP), Grandy (SP), Love Is Wicked (SP), River Malbumoonrvf (SP), Ziggy Stardust (SP) Odds (0)
Race 6 Charles Town
Hessica (SP), I Feel The Need (SP), Jubas Parade (SP), Jubaslilballerina (SP), The Sky Is Falling (SP), Train Wreck (SP), Vino Dolce (SP), Xanthe (SP), You Cant Win (SP) Odds (0)
Race 7 Charles Town
Azzurra (SP), Boundtobeok (SP), Breadmans Rosebud (SP), Change The World (SP), Lucylou Who (SP), Seneca Rocks (SP), Someday Is Today (SP) Odds (0)
Race 8 Charles Town
Cedar Runs Fiber (SP), Colonial Road (SP), Denizetti (SP), Fappiano Halo (SP), Gogo Gadget (SP), Heresthebreadman (SP), Imlivingthedream (SP), Malekes Magic (SP), Racing Hot Line (SP), Yareakh (SP) Odds (0)
Race 1 Evangeline Downs
Adayinspain (SP), Apriority Catch (SP), Come What Mae (SP), Geaux Vote (SP), Indy Lover (SP), Jesss Rainbow (SP), Lawless Times (SP), Lilys Creed (SP), Santangelo (SP) Odds (0)
Race 2 Evangeline Downs
Fly Ty (SP), Girl Likes Bling (SP), Lady Cheryls Song (SP), Our Gal Layla (SP), Resplendently (SP), Romonasdream (SP), Secret Wine (SP), Time To Close (SP) Odds (0)
Race 3 Evangeline Downs
Betsys All In (SP), Broadway Star (SP), Congratulera (SP), Light Face (SP), Military Charm (SP), Steel Guitar (SP), Usain Doro (SP) Odds (0)
Race 4 Evangeline Downs
Bar Tap (SP), Blue Ridge Queen (SP), Carry On (SP), Girl Thirsty (SP), Mary Jack (SP), Milas Kat (SP), Need Some Money (SP), Rain (SP), Saenz (SP) Odds (0)
Race 5 Evangeline Downs
All American Pat (SP), Anslies Gumdrop (SP), Blue Ridge Romance (SP), Charming Kat (SP), Despeightful (SP), Graces Soldier (SP), Hot Golden Girl (SP), Just Another Win (SP), My Sugar Fix (SP), Real Deal Ryan (SP) Odds (0)
Race 6 Evangeline Downs
Baby Zong (SP), Breaking Star (SP), Contraband Early (SP), Dens Good Grace (SP), I Nita Warrior (SP), Monolith (SP), Moonovermontgomery (SP), My Story (SP), Pearls Earl (SP), Red October (SP) Odds (0)
Race 7 Evangeline Downs
Bello Creedo (SP), Bubba Can Dance (SP), Crimson Storm (SP), El Oriente (SP), Keys Included (SP), Pacificislandtime (SP), Sarahs Vision (SP), Second Of July (SP), Wicked Trick (SP) Odds (0)
Race 8 Evangeline Downs
Brite Outlook (SP), Deer Crossing (SP), Donegal Factor (SP), Duvee (SP), French Composer (SP), Guitar Boy (SP), Orleans Tourist (SP), Venn (SP), Wise Verdict (SP) Odds (0)
Race 9 Evangeline Downs
Chuchi (SP), Costa Lady (SP), Customerunhappy (SP), Easy Aces (SP), Holiday Double (SP), Mallory Unbridled (SP), Mallorys Indian (SP), Mallorys Ocean (SP), Nannys Houdini (SP), Princess Moccasins (SP) Odds (0)
Race 1 Hawthorne
Baladine (SP), Breaking News (SP), C F V Bullet (SP), Philipsburg (SP), Sarahs Boy Blue (SP), Star Kanoo (SP) Odds (0)
Race 2 Hawthorne
Cupids War (SP), Draftsman (SP), King Anthony (SP), La Perfect Bee (SP), Tallapoosa (SP), Willie Bird (SP), Young Mischief (SP) Odds (0)
Race 3 Hawthorne
Comiskey Park (SP), Elis Promise (SP), Manta Rey (SP), Onasa (SP), Richiesonaroll (SP), Went West (SP) Odds (0)
Race 4 Hawthorne
Alibi Ike (SP), Mahoney Road (SP), Red Moscato (SP), Silver Chiller (SP), Tiz The Tale (SP), Whatdoyouthinkmark (SP), Whole Lotta Lute (SP) Odds (0)
Race 5 Hawthorne
Beehive (SP), Dorothy Crowfoot (SP), Fast N Happy (SP), Loveyoulikecrazy (SP), Sallys Suprise (SP), Tu Cha (SP), Twas Lola (SP) Odds (0)
Race 6 Hawthorne
Bourbon Teddy (SP), Dragon Drew (SP), Mr Frost (SP), Pinballer (SP), Simple Logic (SP), Star Of Kodiak (SP), Tightrope (SP), U S Honour Nap (SP) Odds (0)
Race 7 Hawthorne
Codetowin (SP), Future Vision (SP), Gettin Paid (SP), Hurts So Bad (SP), Ironman Richie (SP), Over Calendared (SP), Rivzonaroll (SP), Tea With Lemon (SP), Uncaptured Pulse (SP) Odds (0)
Race 8 Hawthorne
Bakeneko (SP), Dynablue (SP), Honest To Goodness (SP), Jeff The Lion (SP), Red Hornet (SP), Remember The Maine (SP), River Redemption (SP), Rogue Element (SP), Russian To Win (SP), Son Of Grace (SP) Odds (0)
Race 9 Hawthorne
Barefootbootlegger (SP), Blazen Road (SP), Idea Man (SP), Kennesaw (SP), Lima Zulu (SP), Mad Dragon (SP), Soviet Standard (SP), Two Cookie Rule (SP), Winging Ways (SP) Odds (0)
Race 1 Prairie Meadows
Deutsch (SP), Imm Born To Fly (SP), Relentless Babe (SP), Relentless Flash (SP), Relentlessly Fast (SP), Six Good Kicks (SP), Western Reserve (SP) Odds (0)
Race 10 Prairie Meadows
Colorful Native (SP), Eliot Ness (SP), Freedom To Speed (SP), I Am Lowkey (SP), Kissed A Cadet (SP), Leapin Ty Man (SP), Star Of Mine (SP), Tee Off Time (SP) Odds (0)
Race 2 Prairie Meadows
Ab Boogie (SP), Follies Flyer (SP), Foxy Cowgirl (SP), Go To The Wood (SP), Queens Grace (SP), Rio Winna (SP), Summerhills Cowgirl (SP), Youre So Vain (SP) Odds (0)
Race 3 Prairie Meadows
Cowboy 123 (SP), Five Bar Phi (SP), Gs Breakaway (SP), Kool Lil Wink (SP), Magic King Feet (SP), Tinys First Cowboy (SP), Ts Koko Inmyjeans (SP) Odds (0)
Race 4 Prairie Meadows
Als Romeo (SP), American Warrior (SP), Big Boss Ben (SP), Koselio (SP), Monterey Peninsula (SP), Vale (SP) Odds (0)
Race 5 Prairie Meadows
Casper Justice (SP), Charming Charlie (SP), Drifter (SP), Im Crenshaw (SP), Promising Shoes (SP), Thundershook (SP) Odds (0)
Race 6 Prairie Meadows
Devils Shadow (SP), Gods Gift To Us (SP), Irish Coast (SP), Khozanthedestroyer (SP), Mister Lester (SP), Nice One Julio (SP), Rustic Affair (SP), Tall Tale (SP) Odds (0)
Race 7 Prairie Meadows
A Just Cause (SP), Day Money (SP), Eye Of The Panthor (SP), Leading The Cause (SP), Mc Cougar (SP), Papa Jojo (SP), Rays Big Dream (SP) Odds (0)
Race 8 Prairie Meadows
Indy Again (SP), Jeri Dawn (SP), Milliganmikeandme (SP), Miss Jax (SP), Mocha Kiss (SP), Northern Gem (SP), Shes A Big Star (SP) Odds (0)
Race 9 Prairie Meadows
Big Luke (SP), Case (SP), Finish Up (SP), Minecraft Maniac (SP), Our Last Chance (SP), Time Goes On (SP), Warren L (SP), Wildatlanticstorm (SP) Odds (0)
Race 1 Thistledown
Alsanah (2.25), La Cumparsita (3.50), Bank Buster (7.00), Jens Battle (11.00), Think It Thru (11.00), Fiona (12.00), Ceviche (13.00)
Odds (1)
Race 10 Thistledown
Near Perfect (3.00), Kichi Kitsu (3.25), Lemon Mousse (5.00), Queenofthebuckeye (9.50), Ima Mom (12.00), Dolce Marie (13.00), In Troubled Waters (15.00), Goodness Sakes (17.00), Express Fashion (26.00), Salute The Kid (26.00)
Odds (1)
Race 11 Thistledown
Excitement (3.75), Casual Attire (4.00), Moester (7.00), Thats The Way (7.00), Controller (10.00), First Song (10.00), Mister Mobil (13.00), Hite (15.00), Romantic Cowboy (15.00), Venture On (15.00)
Odds (1)
Race 12 Thistledown
Musical Mischief (3.00), Corningstone (4.50), Misty Veil (5.00), Batucada (6.00), Yankee Dollar (8.00), Frosty O Toole (9.00), Red Hot Lass (15.00), Key To Success (26.00), Magic Palace (41.00), Dot Marie (51.00)
Odds (1)
Race 13 Thistledown
Catching Freedom (2.00), Copper Tax (4.50), Batten Down (5.00), Mugatu (9.50), Goulds Gold (12.00), Uncle Heavy (12.00), Charleston (34.00), Deposition (34.00), Whos The King (34.00), Frizzante (51.00)
Odds (1)
Race 2 Thistledown
Lucky Andy (2.62), Cumber (2.75), American Nightmare (6.00), Had Right (7.00), Oro De Moro Moro (13.00), Rubinstein (19.00)
Odds (1)
Race 3 Thistledown
Drury Lane (2.10), Greers Ferry (4.50), Gut Instinct (4.50), Raji (6.50), Lord Marxman (15.00), Mo Snow (23.00)
Odds (1)
Race 4 Thistledown
May Mayhem (3.25), Little Toy Guns (5.00), Wetzel (5.50), Elliot The Dragon (6.50), Paint The Town (7.50), Knock Wood (8.00), Midnight Voyage (11.00), Red Head Kid (21.00)
Odds (1)
Race 5 Thistledown
Flipping Fish (2.25), Ian Glass (3.75), Going In Style (8.00), Powerful Moon (8.50), No Angel (9.50), Auger (10.00), Disclosure (15.00), Touch Code (67.00)
Odds (1)
Race 6 Thistledown
Reckless L J (2.50), Cowtown Boss (5.00), Mcgraw (5.00), Play Ball (7.50), Biscuits And Grits (9.00), Private Drive (12.00), Unbridled Cause (19.00), Ohio Player (21.00), Spin Doctor (23.00)
Odds (1)
Race 7 Thistledown
Ben Diesel (2.20), Midnight Majesty (3.50), Without Objection (6.00), Mighty Les (12.00), Majestic Flag (13.00), Poker Partner (13.00), Aura Of Gold (17.00), Lucky Nineteen (26.00)
Odds (1)
Race 8 Thistledown
My Suzie Q (4.00), My Best Day Ever (4.50), Honorable Woman (5.50), Pardy Pleaser (6.00), Stratogale (7.00), Redwineandwhiskey (7.50), Four Blessings (17.00), Sakonna (19.00), She Had A Secret (19.00), Not Today (23.00)
Odds (1)
Race 9 Thistledown
Shadowy (3.50), Dial Direct (4.00), Spellcast (4.33), Gunner Gabriel (6.00), Scrimper (7.50), Who Da Boss (13.00), Blue Nomore (17.00), Fact Not Fiction (26.00), Brighter Day (29.00)
Odds (1)
Race 1 Monmouth Park
Dance With Me Babe (SP), Eloper (SP), Emmas Abi (SP), Keep On Rockin (SP), La Santa Clara (SP), Lisas Palace (SP), No Fake (SP), On The Dot (SP), Sofster (SP) Odds (0)
Race 10 Monmouth Park
Wandering West (2.75), Canadian Pharoah (3.25), Durkins Call (5.00), Wednesdaynight Lad (9.00), Achilles Heel (11.00), Coco Shell (11.00), Prins Fire (17.00)
Odds (1)
Race 2 Monmouth Park
Buckin Lucky (1.67), Baby Cakes (5.50), Jams Top Shelf (7.00), La De Peluche (8.00), S K Moon (11.00), Alis Hannah (23.00), Shes Fantastic (26.00)
Odds (1)
Race 3 Monmouth Park
American Day (SP), Ballyheigue (SP), Different Flame (SP), Editors Choice (SP), Excalibrate (SP), Jersey Gregg (SP), Lonely Ride (SP), Slew Of Talent (SP), Spectacular Luck (SP), Street Outlaw (SP) Odds (0)
Race 4 Monmouth Park
Bayron (2.62), Face Abarrio (4.50), Austin From Boston (5.00), Fly Fly Away (6.00), Bargaining Power (7.50), Wood Be Wild (13.00), Sneakiness (26.00)
Odds (1)
Race 5 Monmouth Park
American Law (SP), Be Here (SP), Duke Of Gloucester (SP), Hot Blooded (SP), Magical Marriage (SP), Mohs (SP), Ocean City (SP), Optic Way (SP), Ronstadt (SP) Odds (0)
Race 6 Monmouth Park
Heard On Thestreet (1.91), One Fast Dream (4.50), Quincy Market (6.00), Tejota (8.50), Running Lucky (15.00), Swaysinmydna (15.00), Zava (17.00), Dr Schuster (34.00)
Odds (1)
Race 7 Monmouth Park
Ballindine (SP), Diablo Daddy (SP), Equaljusticeforall (SP), Festinate (SP), Good Medicine (SP), Hard Spun Fantasy (SP), No Regard (SP), Run Cory Run (SP), Shogun Be Fast (SP), Son Of Liberty (SP) Odds (0)
Race 8 Monmouth Park
Abby The Bull Dawg (2.75), Between Dreams (3.00), Laramore (5.00), Simple Souvenir (8.50), Tapits Girl (11.00), Miss Casey (13.00), Parisian Vibe (26.00)
Odds (1)
Race 9 Monmouth Park
All That Magic (SP), Beauty Of The Sea (SP), Bosserati (SP), Drifaros (SP), Frau Diablo (SP), Freedom Speaks (SP), Hollywood Walk (SP), La Traviesa (SP), Queen Karima (SP), Queen Of The Mud (SP) Odds (0)
Race 1 Los Alamitos Racecourse
Act Of Serendipity (SP), Andiamo Ragazza (SP), Blackjack Betty (SP), Dont Worry Boss (SP), Prancingthruparis (SP), Really Thirsty (SP), Wishtheyallcouldbe (SP) Odds (0)
Race 1 Los Alamitos Racecourse
Getemdusty (SP), Indian Arrow (SP), Kissmeyoufool (SP), Power Trip (SP), Speed Of The Nile (SP), Spot D Oro (SP), Wherever You Are (SP) Odds (0)
Race 2 Los Alamitos Racecourse
Borntostaythirsty (SP), Crown Of Hope (SP), Funky Grey (SP), Ila Veiw Too (SP), Lisas Angel (SP), Plum Creek (SP), Warrens Show Bizz (SP) Odds (0)
Race 2 Los Alamitos Racecourse
Chollima (SP), Dallas Alice (SP), La Chiquis (SP), Ms Parkside (SP), Sugar Sugar (SP), Trouble N Paradise (SP) Odds (0)
Race 3 Los Alamitos Racecourse
Coralgableskaylin (SP), I Have A Dream (SP), Lil Boom Boom (SP), Promise Me Kat (SP), Sweet Ella Rae (SP), Swift Harmony (SP) Odds (0)
Race 3 Los Alamitos Racecourse
Its Thirsty Time (SP), Keep Dancin Nick (SP), Last Call Zondlo (SP), Mr. Machupicchu (SP), Valentines Candy (SP), Whiskeyinateacup (SP) Odds (0)
Race 4 Los Alamitos Racecourse
Ace Ace Baby (SP), Better B Worth It (SP), Bruins Mastery (SP), Cys Silkstocking (SP), Dixie Blaze (SP), R Marilyn Lonhro (SP), Sent By Angels (SP), Spicy Spouse (SP) Odds (0)
Race 4 Los Alamitos Racecourse
Dos Vicios (SP), Granada Flavor (SP), Impossible Task (SP), Mastermind (SP), Mike Operator (SP), Tiz Tok (SP), Wine And Whisky (SP) Odds (0)
Race 5 Los Alamitos Racecourse
Being Blessed (SP), Big Cheddar (SP), Dr. Troutman (SP), Ferociously (SP), Stormy Samurai (SP), Whoa Buddy (SP), Worth Looking (SP) Odds (0)
Race 5 Los Alamitos Racecourse
I Will Be King (SP), Journey D Oro (SP), Mischievous Dylan (SP), Notch (SP), Paislees Promise (SP), Too Wild To Tame (SP) Odds (0)
Race 6 Los Alamitos Racecourse
Cmon Man (SP), Disko Tribute (SP), Enjoy It Strait (SP), Erebus (SP), Playing Hardball (SP), See Through It (SP), Trusty Rusty (SP) Odds (0)
Race 6 Los Alamitos Racecourse
Crypto Craze (SP), Embers Of Gold (SP), Gostoso (SP), Midnight Mojo (SP), Petesoldfashioned (SP), Pop Doro (SP), Vegas Moon (SP) Odds (0)
Race 7 Los Alamitos Racecourse
Beads (SP), Blissterinthesun (SP), One Summer Day (SP), Relatable (SP), Sweet Gem (SP), Vibez (SP) Odds (0)
Race 7 Los Alamitos Racecourse
Dothraki (SP), Marsh Creek (SP), Mendelssohns Music (SP), Mongolian Gold (SP), Schwarzmeier (SP), Semper Invictus (SP) Odds (0)
Race 8 Los Alamitos Racecourse
Bella Renella (SP), Court Snort (SP), Dream Princess (SP), Family Trips (SP), Indys Star (SP), Woodbine Way (SP) Odds (0)
Race 8 Los Alamitos Racecourse
Danzing Cat (SP), Flymetothemoonbaby (SP), Ifuaintfirsturlast (SP), Ryders Candy (SP), Sabres (SP), Sweet Lil Darlin (SP) Odds (0)
Race 9 Los Alamitos Racecourse
American Cat (SP), Belly Up (SP), Final Storm (SP), Instinct D Oro (SP), Rachels Coach (SP), Sauls Call (SP), So Im Told (SP), Sunrise Journey (SP), Yo Time (SP) Odds (0)
Race 9 Los Alamitos Racecourse
Cowboy Mike (SP), Dick Best (SP), Dont Fight The Fed (SP), Lovesick Blues (SP), None Above The Law (SP), Tom Horn (SP) Odds (0)
0:22 Club Hipico
Ali Kan (SP), Alives (SP), Amigo Torrante (SP), Anfield Road (SP), Astro Sol (SP), El Cantor (SP), En Capilla (SP), Feliphon (SP), Kaila (SP), Lonco Bravo (SP) Odds (0)
0:52 Club Hipico
Anonimo (SP), Bonsai (SP), Carlucci (SP), Cinabrio (SP), Floreador (SP), Giocatore (SP), Indig Nao (SP), Jolli Love (SP), Mar Triste (SP), Miralli (SP) Odds (0)
10:23 Club Hipico
Behind The Sun (SP), Cuccinello (SP), Don Josa (SP), Gengis Kan Alim (SP), Gran Chipy (SP), Indian King (SP), Ngannu (SP), Pele O Rey (SP), Pombito (SP), Prima Town (SP) Odds (0)
10:52 Club Hipico
Ares (SP), Barrio Franklin (SP), Eres Mi Sueno (SP), Fenrir (SP), Gran Tourist (SP), Jefazo (SP), Martone (SP), Muy Noble (SP), Muy Solo Aqui (SP), Planeta Feliz (SP) Odds (0)
11:21 Club Hipico
Con Compania (SP), Delpiero (SP), Manda Mas (SP), Monaco (SP), Negro Yiyi (SP), Salto Del Guapo (SP), Schneller (SP), Soto De Angol (SP), Un Guarito (SP), Una Reina (SP) Odds (0)
11:52 Club Hipico
Black Of Panther (SP), Black Ter (SP), Ciao A Tutti (SP), El Arrugao (SP), El Marshal (SP), Empoderada (SP), Fachero (SP), Hoy Si Quiero (SP), Misterio Luminoso (SP), Patmaho (SP) Odds (0)
1:25 Club Hipico
Altiro Voy (SP), Bestia Azul (SP), Blue Turquoise (SP), California Moon (SP), Elmita (SP), Facho Rico (SP), Most Blitey (SP), Palla (SP), Pequena Chenoa (SP), Rio Azopardo (SP) Odds (0)
1:57 Club Hipico
Bicampeon Chileno (SP), Churrumino (SP), Coyancura (SP), El Pandita (SP), Extrovertida (SP), Finau (SP), Monje Negro (SP), Nel Blu (SP), Nonayita (SP), Paicavi (SP) Odds (0)
2:30 Club Hipico
Antonio Pa Rato (SP), Carita De Amor (SP), Dubai Candy (SP), Entera Rica (SP), Il Vento (SP), La Promo (SP), Ludana (SP), Master Kan (SP), Mr Nuts (SP), My Great (SP) Odds (0)
5:00 Club Hipico
A Mi Edad Dificil (SP), Afirmate Tonito (SP), Campi Nostro (SP), El Kichan (SP), Gran Piola (SP), Grande Nero (SP), La Josita (SP), Mecedor (SP), Pedrinho (SP), Quione (SP) Odds (0)
5:25 Club Hipico
Anquilosaurio (SP), Atento Atento (SP), Bello Encanto (SP), Bravo Nino (SP), Brego (SP), El Aparecido (SP), God Is Love (SP), Guerrero Tenaz (SP), Imanol (SP), Implicado (SP) Odds (0)
5:49 Club Hipico
California King (SP), El Expreso (SP), Exijo Respeto (SP), Giorgio Di Capri (SP), Good Wine (SP), Jarl (SP), Vichito (SP), Viejo Lobo (SP) Odds (0)
6:16 Club Hipico
Aclis (SP), Akisi (SP), Allez Le Bleu (SP), Conociendote (SP), Das Alegria (SP), Iron Bit (SP), Kebira (SP), Leclair (SP), Negra Peligrosa (SP), Novak (SP) Odds (0)
6:41 Club Hipico
Gonelli (SP), Guifala (SP), Juno (SP), Korper (SP), La Dama Gris (SP), Lacciana (SP), Las Flores (SP), Louving (SP), Pampa Escocesa (SP), Roseira (SP) Odds (0)
7:06 Club Hipico
All Knights (SP), Dicho Eso (SP), Flaco Tito (SP), Garbo (SP), Johnny Cinco Mil (SP), Mitou (SP), Ni Trato (SP), No Paso Agosto (SP), Scrooge (SP), State Of Grace (SP) Odds (0)
7:34 Club Hipico
Adri (SP), Angela Clasica (SP), Cala De Oro (SP), Chica Del Lucero (SP), Encachadita (SP), Espiritu Indomito (SP), Eterna Esperanza (SP), Gusto A Poco (SP), Kannia (SP), La Mili (SP) Odds (0)
8:01 Club Hipico
Bay Good Chiqui (SP), Dalia Princess (SP), Dont Ask Me Why (SP), Es Una Pasion (SP), Kocheppa Longs (SP), La Andaluza (SP), Lucky Flame (SP), Miss Lady Classic (SP), Muy Respetada (SP), Petirossa (SP) Odds (0)
8:25 Club Hipico
Ahsoka (SP), Amigos Especiales (SP), Coke Spirit (SP), Desesperante (SP), Gran Oriente (SP), Grande Tuza (SP), Nunca Perdona (SP), Tell Me More (SP), Tentadero (SP), Un Hombre Comun (SP) Odds (0)
8:55 Club Hipico
Bumpy (SP), Domenico (SP), El Bohemio (SP), El Ungido (SP), Furioso Nano (SP), Lucky Empire (SP), My Way (SP), No Sabe Na (SP), Nurmagomedov (SP), Pampero Tordillo (SP) Odds (0)
9:24 Club Hipico
A Ver Si Puedo (SP), Amanda Pepita (SP), Ciao Juanita (SP), Dardana (SP), Di Maria (SP), Edelweisz (SP), Elementz (SP), Gimper (SP), La Jibarita (SP), La Marre (SP) Odds (0)
9:53 Club Hipico
Alcides (SP), Amor Clandestino (SP), Dragonfly (SP), Eminem (SP), Gran Dali (SP), Jungle Native (SP), Lonwhite (SP), Magico Day (SP), Orazio (SP), Razyel (SP) Odds (0)
Race 1 Belmont At The Big A
British Sea (SP), De La Cruz (SP), Factor Analysis (SP), Garden Leave (SP), Isomarshall (SP), Stop The Press (SP), Vesting (SP), Vintage Vino (SP) Odds (0)
Race 10 Belmont At The Big A
Awesome Czech (SP), Chantilly Road (SP), Curlins Girl (SP), Gala Brand (SP), Grayosh (SP), Just Music (SP), Macanga (SP), Oversubscribed (SP), Tina Ballerina (SP), Value Area (SP) Odds (0)
Race 11 Belmont At The Big A
A Lister (SP), Arco Augusta (SP), Cousin Ed (SP), Dancinginthepark (SP), Frozen Four (SP), Holder Close (SP), In My Shadow (SP), Jeffersons Ocean (SP), Judge Rules (SP), Neptune Beach (SP) Odds (0)
Race 2 Belmont At The Big A
Unmatched Wisdom (1.57), Paddington (4.50), Cartucho (5.50), Cool Operator (11.00), Seeking Unity (26.00), Grandpas Kid (41.00)
Odds (1)
Race 3 Belmont At The Big A
Im Just (3.75), October Bliss (4.33), Because The Night (5.00), All The Rage (7.00), Creation Of Adam (7.00), Watch Hill (8.00), Papi On Ice (11.00), Opportunity Set (21.00)
Odds (1)
Race 4 Belmont At The Big A
Certified Loverboy (3.00), Principe DOro (5.00), Storming Chrome (5.00), Gun Maestro (6.00), Timaeus (7.00), Gut Feeling (11.00), Warrior Richard (13.00)
Odds (1)
Race 5 Belmont At The Big A
Charles J (SP), Daybright Delights (SP), King Puck (SP), Launch Control (SP), New York Scrappy (SP), Oreno (SP), Outtawaterbury (SP), Price Is Truth (SP), Sebastianthe First (SP), Silver Pocket (SP) Odds (0)
Race 6 Belmont At The Big A
Shesalittle Edgy (2.00), Timed Out (4.50), Condiment Girl (7.00), Fontanafredda (7.00), Jackie The Joker (9.00), Bank On Anna (21.00), Willful Desire (21.00), Violent Vixen (26.00)
Odds (1)
Race 7 Belmont At The Big A
Messi The Magician (2.87), Paschal Moon (4.00), Venge (5.50), Bonne Chance (6.50), Piccolo Diavolo (9.00), Muazarah (11.00), Dads Good Runner (12.00), Somama Beach (41.00)
Odds (1)
Race 8 Belmont At The Big A
Allied Attack (SP), Big Prankster (SP), Boss Tweed (SP), Brennans War (SP), Collected Special (SP), Final Denile (SP), Golden Arm (SP), Heymackitsjack (SP), Instamatic (SP), Jimmythetooth (SP) Odds (0)
Race 9 Belmont At The Big A
Gavs Dream Girl (2.87), Golden Degree (6.00), Will Be Famous (6.50), Six Pack Senorita (7.00), Perpetual Praise (7.50), Blenheim Baby (9.00), Roman Goddess (9.00), Spiritual Lady (15.00), Frannie Lew (26.00)
Odds (1)