USA Horse Racing Odds

Outright Markets
Race 1 Gulfstream Park
Dominant Joy (SP), Fleche Damour (SP), Freccia Dargento (SP), Miss Bethel (SP), Numeric (SP), Pearlintherough (SP), Scarletts Flower (SP), Unbridled Chrome (SP) Odds (0)
Race 2 Gulfstream Park
Amor Lejano (SP), Lord Of Legends (SP), My Masterpiece (SP), Positively Awesome (SP), Qian B C (SP), Schochoh (SP), Zamfir (SP) Odds (0)
Race 3 Gulfstream Park
Fabricate (SP), Khozzy Valintine (SP), Miszlo (SP), Raspberry Ballet (SP), Shaniah (SP), Shea On A Mission (SP), Twelfth Moon (SP) Odds (0)
Race 4 Gulfstream Park
Danis Victory (SP), Double Tough Tiger (SP), Meade (SP), Old Time Revival (SP), One Eyed Jack (SP), Rebelde (SP), Tone Feelin (SP) Odds (0)
Race 5 Gulfstream Park
Assiduously (SP), Catch That Party (SP), Lightning Rod (SP), My Man Flint (SP), Our Country (SP), Private Island (SP), Ready Hero (SP), Tallis (SP) Odds (0)
Race 6 Gulfstream Park
Awesome Strike (SP), Credit Event (SP), Forwardly (SP), Once A Giant (SP), Refuah (SP), Straight Time (SP), War Beat (SP) Odds (0)
Race 7 Gulfstream Park
Bramble Berry (SP), Dial To Win (SP), Follow Me Mom (SP), Larimar (SP), Nikee Kan (SP), Sassy Beast (SP), Trevess (SP) Odds (0)
Race 8 Gulfstream Park
Brodys Honor (SP), Causingahullbaloo (SP), Dance Till Dawn (SP), Lady Dominance (SP), Lady Jae (SP), Souper All Star (SP), Yolandas Pride (SP) Odds (0)
Race 9 Gulfstream Park
Dr. Shane (SP), Drillomatic (SP), Golden Decision (SP), Graceful Kitten (SP), Kittens Spa (SP), Mattys Express (SP), Parlor (SP), Plato (SP), Til The End (SP) Odds (0)
Race 1 Delta Downs
Caged Bear (SP), Featherinherhalo (SP), Loco Lucy (SP), Maryjos Duchess (SP), My Little Guera (SP), Oklahoma Star (SP), Shanghai Hetty (SP), Silver Chatain (SP) Odds (0)
Race 2 Delta Downs
Bet Again (SP), Classic Greeley (SP), Masterly (SP), Mr Makeithappen (SP), Mr. Shortandsimple (SP), Sonoma Crush (SP), Stick (SP) Odds (0)
Race 3 Delta Downs
Blue Ridge Romance (SP), Boston Belle (SP), Catalina Queen (SP), Goodbye Rosie (SP), Gotteminabind (SP), Katies C (SP), Point Me Out (SP), Say What (SP), Yes Im A Lady (SP) Odds (0)
Race 4 Delta Downs
Ballerini (SP), Charlie T (SP), Cypress Queen (SP), Roll Baby (SP), Sassy Emma (SP), Splenda Gail (SP), Won Day (SP) Odds (0)
Race 5 Delta Downs
Bassett (SP), Hes A Classic (SP), Kasens Train (SP), Sir Overanalyze (SP), Sodbuster (SP), Sweetsweetsong (SP), Thisguycanfly (SP) Odds (0)
Race 6 Delta Downs
Chief Alpha (SP), Flamin Fire (SP), Flat Out Freed (SP), Oplin (SP), Party Of Fifteen (SP), Range Of Motion (SP), Real Brave (SP), Spirit Soul (SP), The Big Irishman (SP), The Thimble (SP) Odds (0)
Race 7 Delta Downs
Dixie Lady (SP), Girl In Black (SP), Lady Hopper (SP), My Sister Annette (SP), Paisley Cross (SP), Sucre (SP), Sweet Prayers (SP), Tap Out Fast (SP), Track Smart (SP) Odds (0)
Race 8 Delta Downs
Bow And Arrow (SP), December Seven (SP), Fort Knox (SP), Minnesota Miracle (SP), Muscadine (SP), My Book (SP), Pinch Assault (SP), Speedy Fellar (SP), Stephens Answer (SP) Odds (0)
Race 9 Delta Downs
Boone Land Bye You (SP), Cowboy Hay Hay (SP), He Is Worthy (SP), Jalapeno Supreme (SP), The Heat Is On (SP), The Z Man (SP), Time Twister (SP), Unsolved (SP), V. R. Friendlygary (SP), William Gustavo (SP) Odds (0)
Race 1 Turf Paradise
Dr Gs Sweetie (SP), La Caprichosa (SP), Lipstick Lady (SP), Mischievousofficer (SP), R Thing (SP), Sola (SP) Odds (0)
Race 2 Turf Paradise
Abigail Alden (SP), Dr. Minister (SP), Lookinandcookin (SP), Partyatthecapital (SP), Robinson Blue (SP), Snoozy Suzy (SP), Sugar On Top (SP) Odds (0)
Race 3 Turf Paradise
Bel Ragazzo (SP), Captain Cool (SP), D Von Tae (SP), Hoya Paranoya (SP), Mr Love Muffin (SP), The Black Strat (SP), Third Wheel (SP), Thirsty Kiss (SP), Wind River (SP) Odds (0)
Race 4 Turf Paradise
Guarding Elk Camp (SP), Ize Discreet Rose (SP), Izzy B (SP), Lindas Ballet (SP), My Funny Gal (SP), Sleigh Ride (SP), Summer Love (SP), Thunder Woman (SP), Trans Mississippi (SP) Odds (0)
Race 5 Turf Paradise
Candy Runner (SP), Eldorado Dream (SP), Le Tub (SP), Mischief Mama (SP), Ms Michelle (SP), Shes So Bad (SP), Smiling Spirit (SP), Trinni Sunset (SP), You Never Call (SP) Odds (0)
Race 6 Turf Paradise
Christines Jack (SP), Coastline Sermon (SP), Concur (SP), Cougar Country (SP), Dyna Cat (SP), Fair Challenge (SP), More Honor (SP), Nevadan (SP), Passed By Paul (SP), Saved By Zero (SP) Odds (0)
Race 7 Turf Paradise
Arouse N Go (SP), Barbello (SP), Camano Comet (SP), Fat N Bitter (SP), Fictional (SP), Mcgoldie (SP), Mongolian Empire (SP), Shesaheatwave (SP), Supah Sista (SP), Tick Tock (SP) Odds (0)
Race 8 Turf Paradise
Add On (SP), Back Alley Cat (SP), Blues Rapper (SP), Give A Little (SP), Infatuate (SP), Lucky Chance (SP), Rise Up Moscow (SP), Thoughts Of Gold (SP) Odds (0)
Race 1 Laurel Park
Bellswillberinging (SP), Birthday Wish (SP), Bizzy Bizzy (SP), Celestial Diva (SP), Colorofacloud (SP), Hummin The Funk (SP), Kittens Blessing (SP), Ohh Beehave (SP), Secret Prize (SP), Tiktoknaway (SP) Odds (0)
Race 10 Laurel Park
Albertano (SP), Callyourightback (SP), Captain Cardo (SP), Chauffeur (SP), Divine Proportion (SP), Dune Dune (SP), Hands Down (SP), Little Sir John (SP), Trigz Too (SP), Wonderville (SP) Odds (0)
Race 2 Laurel Park
Behind The Couch (SP), Bourbon Wildcat (SP), Combat Queen (SP), Factor In (SP), Journeytothemoon (SP), Lucre (SP), Unshakable U (SP) Odds (0)
Race 3 Laurel Park
Determined Honor (SP), Dixieland Dancer (SP), Haleigh B (SP), Killy Start (SP), Knot Anymore (SP), Maggies Bid (SP), Micheleintheoffice (SP) Odds (0)
Race 4 Laurel Park
All For Love (SP), B B Bad (SP), Cajun Invasion (SP), Dontcrossfuzzy (SP), Dontforgettoblink (SP), Dr. Grant (SP), Gallant Gold (SP), Heartness (SP), Heavenly Trip (SP), Ridiculous (SP) Odds (0)
Race 5 Laurel Park
Camelia Rod (SP), Civil Unrest (SP), Emma Devine (SP), Heliacal Rising (SP), Holy Pink (SP), Keen Machine (SP), Kobes Girl (SP), Legs Like Shack (SP), Lottaclass Lilsass (SP), Miss Seductive (SP) Odds (0)
Race 6 Laurel Park
Artillery (SP), Baltimore Bud (SP), Dashing Circles (SP), King Shawn (SP), Lifespan (SP), Linns Boy (SP), One More Factor (SP), Paid Holiday (SP), Pepe And Heywood (SP), Petion Night (SP) Odds (0)
Race 7 Laurel Park
Addys Laddy T N T (SP), Awesome Stephen (SP), Baton (SP), Blameitonthefun (SP), Bowie Two Step (SP), Dathoss (SP), Edens Glory (SP), Goldenize (SP), Lantau (SP), Mocephus (SP) Odds (0)
Race 8 Laurel Park
Cougar Vision (SP), Family Fortune (SP), Jeanies Angel (SP), Joyful Noise (SP), La Dame (SP), My Way Or Else (SP), Petion Lass (SP), R True Sensation (SP) Odds (0)
Race 9 Laurel Park
A Penn Legacy (SP), Big Tall Dawg (SP), Federale (SP), Fortunes Fool (SP), Hard Fought (SP), Nashvegas (SP), Spitball (SP) Odds (0)
Race 1 Aqueduct
Solid Tune (2.37), Afilada (3.00), Sweet Surprise (6.50), Sealithic (9.00), Rvalentina (10.00), Ets Premonition (17.00)
Odds (1)
Race 2 Aqueduct
Blake B. (SP), Confectioner (SP), Conformist (SP), Demo Doctor (SP), Great Workout (SP), Irish Giant (SP), Prince James (SP) Odds (0)
Race 3 Aqueduct
Big Tonys Girl (SP), Game Theory (SP), Hey Its Tati (SP), Horseshoe Falls (SP), Lot Of Honey (SP), Sudden Impulse (SP), The Glenmore (SP) Odds (0)
Race 4 Aqueduct
I Am The Cash Man (SP), Kentucky Knight (SP), Mister J T (SP), Motion To Strike (SP), My Cousin Rich (SP), Romantic Man (SP), Tough Workout (SP), We Ready (SP) Odds (0)
Race 5 Aqueduct
B Bs Busted (SP), Choose Happiness (SP), Dancing Kiki (SP), Eponas Dream (SP), Frost Me (SP), Honey Money (SP) Odds (0)
Race 6 Aqueduct
Famished (SP), Fingal (SP), Its Mandatory (SP), Mandatory Payout (SP), Orb In The Tower (SP), Roman Empire (SP), Super John (SP), Whats My Category (SP) Odds (0)
Race 7 Aqueduct
Bravo Regina (SP), Firing Carol (SP), Golden Plume (SP), Kept Waiting (SP), Madera (SP), More Moonshine (SP), My Roxy Girl (SP), Primacy (SP), Timed Out (SP) Odds (0)
Race 8 Aqueduct
Bointheback (SP), Bosship (SP), Crostata B C (SP), Dancing With Rico (SP), Gimmedamoney (SP), Johnselectricride (SP), Rias Angel (SP), Walk The Bank (SP), Wild Carp Diem (SP), Winetastic (SP) Odds (0)
Race 1 Sam Houston Race Park
Bodymoor Heath (SP), Gramis Boy (SP), Moro Code (SP), Pinky Ring Bling (SP), Regal Prize (SP) Odds (0)
Race 10 Sam Houston Race Park
Armchair Jockey (SP), Comedian (SP), Dobbins G (SP), Got Mojo (SP), Half Ours To Keep (SP), Jailhouse Kitten (SP), Midas Cat (SP), Off Track (SP), Pacific Typhoon (SP), Raison Karter (SP) Odds (0)
Race 11 Sam Houston Race Park
American Made (SP), Dreamonmebaby (SP), Got Kramer (SP), Hecouldgoalltheway (SP), Hes Pretty Lucky (SP), Hunk Of A Hit (SP), Max Pandowdy (SP), Mighty Merle (SP), Punch Out (SP), Railroader (SP) Odds (0)
Race 2 Sam Houston Race Park
Amazonian Queen (SP), Eagle Express (SP), Its A Gee Thing (SP), Kims Texas Bling (SP), Texas Thunder (SP) Odds (0)
Race 3 Sam Houston Race Park
Bessies Song (SP), Charlies Gal (SP), Facester (SP), Jans Turn To Win (SP), Kelleys Mandate (SP), Olgas Gold Dancer (SP), Sea Of Life (SP), Shers Texas Bling (SP), Shining Example (SP), Single Saturday (SP) Odds (0)
Race 4 Sam Houston Race Park
Head Over Boots (SP), High Def Ridge (SP), Metallic Silver (SP), Miss M J (SP), Pixie (SP), Seven Ss Special (SP), Virginia Strong (SP), Zoes Goldlady (SP) Odds (0)
Race 5 Sam Houston Race Park
Homeview (SP), Jennas Gun Runner (SP), Little Chief (SP), Moro Charlie (SP), Ronald Dale (SP), Smoothee Lee (SP), Tiz Alluptome Now (SP), Zcats Chatain (SP) Odds (0)
Race 6 Sam Houston Race Park
Blue Darter (SP), Fire Of Gold (SP), Granny Jewell (SP), Ignis (SP), Imaginary Music (SP), Miss Aggie Bling (SP), Pick Up The Fone (SP), Princess Phone (SP), Run Ballerina (SP) Odds (0)
Race 7 Sam Houston Race Park
Boerne (SP), Country Daisy (SP), Factual (SP), Gurl You Fine (SP), Ima Discreet Lady (SP), Lastchanceforlove (SP), Quick Quick Quick (SP), Shes Our Fastest (SP), Zarelda (SP) Odds (0)
Race 8 Sam Houston Race Park
Aryescelestic Man (SP), Bubba Bling (SP), Easter Snap (SP), Got No Kash (SP), Irish Expectations (SP), Kenai Bob (SP), Moojab Jr (SP), Singapore Flash (SP), Sunlit Song (SP) Odds (0)
Race 9 Sam Houston Race Park
G Victory (SP), Horn Of Plenty (SP), Im The Machine (SP), Intimidation (SP), Lil Carpe (SP), Sams Time (SP), Speight And Malice (SP), Tale Twister (SP) Odds (0)