USA Horse Racing Odds

Outright Markets
Race 1 Will Rogers Downs
Exhi Lil Darlin (SP), Gospel Gorgeous (SP), Shespun (SP), Smokin Motion (SP), Sweet N Salty (SP), Tensas Clear (SP) Odds (0)
Race 2 Will Rogers Downs
Big Un (SP), Cams Hotrod (SP), Gospel B. Havior (SP), Hangxiety (SP), Miss Long Legs (SP), Misswish (SP), Talkin Cadee (SP) Odds (0)
Race 3 Will Rogers Downs
Clearly A Jet (SP), Daboogeyman (SP), Dr Vinnie Boombatz (SP), Gospel Good Will (SP), Gospel Graystone (SP), Moonshine Surfer (SP), Papa Flew Bombers (SP), Wild Wing (SP) Odds (0)
Race 4 Will Rogers Downs
Aprettylulaby (SP), Facester (SP), Hey Roxy (SP), Iron Lotus (SP), Lightning Hart (SP), Scarlet Position (SP), Smoking Guitar (SP), Two Angels (SP) Odds (0)
Race 5 Will Rogers Downs
Acela Express (SP), Astern Maid (SP), Brookes All In (SP), Carols Kitten (SP), Endless Grace (SP), Ms. Hillary (SP), Scrappy Patch (SP), Twitter Traffic (SP) Odds (0)
Race 6 Will Rogers Downs
Dens Dynasty (SP), Determined Lover (SP), Gospel Forest (SP), Hes All Ears (SP), Isaidwhatisaid (SP), Ponza (SP), Red Mountain (SP), Stormsacomin (SP), Straight Ahead (SP) Odds (0)
Race 7 Will Rogers Downs
Charming Charlie (SP), Fire Extinguisher (SP), Heputtheaceinrace (SP), Hunter Quick (SP), J Bs Legacy (SP), Kaelys Brother (SP), Mega Bond (SP), Rare Stripe (SP), Sam Sez (SP), Scary Fast Smile (SP) Odds (0)
Race 7 Will Rogers Downs
Sexy Brown (4.00), Rainbow Angel (4.75), Okie Love (5.50), Sweet Attitude (6.00), Maybe Dolcie (8.50), Keen Intention (11.00), Gospel Chosen (15.00), Afraid Im Notcents (17.00), Okie Trouble (19.00), Rainbow Smiles (19.00)
Odds (6)
Race 8 Will Rogers Downs
C Bs Flat Out (SP), Da Solitario (SP), Hes A Rock (SP), In Bond We Trust (SP), La Batalla (SP), Lucky Mccoy (SP), Missing Code (SP), Okie Smoke (SP), Quality Blastoff (SP), Touchdown Oklahoma (SP) Odds (0)
Race 8 Will Rogers Downs
Ready (4.00), Short Stretch (4.50), Let Her Buck (6.00), Code Of The South (7.00), Hooray For Credit (7.00), Miz Rithym (11.00), Mystical Code (13.00), Hot Chocolate (17.00), Gospel Expression (19.00), Girls A Legacy (23.00)
Odds (6)
Race 1 Turf Paradise
Agouti Flash (SP), Flyen High (SP), Freddy Fender (SP), Lightning Girl (SP), Rcaintshefamous (SP), Whiskey Wes (SP) Odds (0)
Race 2 Turf Paradise
Freeze em (SP), French Onion (SP), Lite Ranchin Kid (SP), Shining Tiger (SP), Suddenly Famous (SP) Odds (0)
Race 3 Turf Paradise
All The Kings Men (SP), De La Luna (SP), El Capricho (SP), Heir (SP), Mr Love Muffin (SP), Paid In Full (SP), South Coast Route (SP) Odds (0)
Race 4 Turf Paradise
Betsy Is The Code (SP), Dads Diva (SP), Doozy (SP), English Meadow (SP), Kamikaze Blue (SP), Sent By Angels (SP) Odds (0)
Race 5 Turf Paradise
Cat On The Run (SP), Divine Gift (SP), Inzaway (SP), Memories In Gold (SP), Princess K (SP), Shilshole Bay (SP), Silver Maty (SP), Zacango Pride (SP) Odds (0)
Race 6 Turf Paradise
A Dime For Me (SP), Diplomatica (SP), Holy Tutta Bella (SP), Lovely Lola (SP), Miss Important (SP), Missczech (SP), Nan Elizabeth (SP), Twelve Stars (SP) Odds (0)
Race 6 Turf Paradise
Prettywittyandwise (NR), Sailing Away (2.25), Clubhouse Drama (4.00), Ethans Girl (7.00), Lupita (7.00), Lady Mary Lou (9.50), Getaway Day (17.00)
Odds (6)
Race 7 Turf Paradise
A Thousand Dreams (SP), Big Bell (SP), Get My Point (SP), Gypsy Rosie (SP), Hot Lil Mess (SP), La Popis (SP), Miss Joannie (SP), Realrealgood (SP), See You At The Top (SP) Odds (0)
Race 7 Turf Paradise
Smooth Papa (NR), Subsidize (1.57), My Dad Is Thirsty (5.50), Bel Ragazzo (7.00), Mongolian Moon (8.00), My Call (34.00)
Odds (6)
Race 8 Turf Paradise
Blue Skye Jade (SP), Brickhouse (SP), Emperors Choice (SP), Fancy Paynter (SP), Harbor Sky (SP), Joker Matt (SP), Marksman On Target (SP), Our Valley (SP), Partyofsixteen (SP), Stealth Mission (SP) Odds (0)
Race 8 Turf Paradise
Ko Olina (2.50), Cocktail Princess (3.00), High Gunner (5.00), Hersabiggirl (6.00), Truly A Mess (13.00), Forest Acclamation (51.00)
Odds (6)
Race 9 Turf Paradise
Bernalinho (SP), Cashanova (SP), Coastal Waters (SP), Inesperado (SP), Luka Grazie (SP), Round Of Applause (SP), Saline River (SP), Snakerattleandroll (SP), Ted (SP) Odds (0)
Race 1 Mahoning Valley
Icey Angel (SP), Lordhearmyprayer (SP), Mali Bali (SP), My Dvalentine (SP), Sharp Life (SP), Surprised Gem (SP) Odds (0)
Race 2 Mahoning Valley
Birdie Blue (SP), Flying Business (SP), Frankly My Dear (SP), La Reina Del Norte (SP), Romantic Jewel (SP) Odds (0)
Race 3 Mahoning Valley
A Van On The Run (SP), Rambler (SP), Romanian Prince (SP), Smoke Screen (SP), Spirit Of Akron (SP), Tadzio (SP) Odds (0)
Race 4 Mahoning Valley
Dixie Giant (SP), Estilo Favorito (SP), Fly Home (SP), Marley Luck (SP), Seeing Red (SP), Swelter (SP) Odds (0)
Race 5 Mahoning Valley
Bulls N Berry (SP), Daisy Jones (SP), Delovely (SP), Faithful Steps (SP), Few Regrets (SP), Four Blessings (SP), Lone Ridge (SP), Luvisanaki (SP) Odds (0)
Race 6 Mahoning Valley
Cagua (SP), Constitutionalist (SP), Miss Fussy Pants (SP), Miss Shady (SP), One Night Stand (SP), Think It Thru (SP) Odds (0)
Race 7 Mahoning Valley
Dark Baron (SP), Frog Town (SP), Mayito (SP), Red Comet (SP), Supply Chain (SP), Victory Division (SP) Odds (0)
Race 8 Mahoning Valley
Apache (SP), Beach Front (SP), Broadway Jones (SP), Ill Figure It Out (SP), Kosciuszko (SP), Maythehorsebwithu (SP), Powerful Moon (SP), Rockstar Ro (SP), Trigz Too (SP) Odds (0)
Race 1 Philadelphia
Aztec Bay (SP), Be Water (SP), Bohemia Babe (SP), Bullet On Tap (SP), Dune Jumper (SP), No More Diamonds (SP), Now Act Surprised (SP), The Furmanator (SP), Wicked Lady (SP) Odds (0)
Race 10 Philadelphia
Bad Guy (SP), Cartier Cat (SP), Catch My Vibe (SP), Cousin Andrew (SP), Extreme Force (SP), Gimmebackmybullets (SP), Indoctrinate (SP), Just Nod And Smile (SP), Long Gray Line (SP), Mischievous Juan (SP) Odds (0)
Race 2 Philadelphia
Ifihadachance (SP), La Luisa (SP), Luna T (SP), Matty Bo (SP), Pearls And Heels (SP), Sense A Million (SP), Seven Years Later (SP), Vitaemi (SP) Odds (0)
Race 3 Philadelphia
Bobbys Candy (SP), Cattys Uncle (SP), Guaponess (SP), Its A Pity (SP), Jewels In The Bay (SP), Zoppi Fischbein (SP) Odds (0)
Race 4 Philadelphia
Amigos Guitar (SP), Empires Score (SP), Hide The Ransom (SP), Lazaretto (SP), Minxzhippsdontleye (SP), Primordial Fear (SP), Zip It Scotty (SP) Odds (0)
Race 5 Philadelphia
Faux Pas (SP), Lady Gabrielle (SP), Miss Hoppertunity (SP), Overthebluesky (SP), Practical Rachel (SP), Sweetest Moment (SP), Tis Tea Time (SP), Woke Up A Diva (SP), Yeloma (SP) Odds (0)
Race 6 Philadelphia
Ambitiously Placed (SP), Awesome Pal (SP), Beyond A Million (SP), Catti La Belle (SP), Heleonortiz (SP), Not A Trace (SP), Princess Sophie (SP), Tiz A Sharpie (SP), Wishing Ona Prayer (SP) Odds (0)
Race 7 Philadelphia
Bad Bad Mr. Brown (SP), Carcharoth (SP), Don Tequilas (SP), Eddie W (SP), Freedom Eagle (SP), Heros Spirit (SP), Irish Deviant (SP), Kalahari Not Sorry (SP), Mister B (SP), Warrior Ted (SP) Odds (0)
Race 8 Philadelphia
Aoifes Magic (SP), Eclair Blanc (SP), Experimental (SP), Jeanne Marie (SP), Kiss For Luck (SP), Maria Says So (SP), Molly Malone (SP), Phabulous Phoebe (SP), Sweet Distraction (SP) Odds (0)
Race 9 Philadelphia
American War Hero (SP), Capo (SP), Carry Grant (SP), Facenda (SP), Guanare (SP), Just Step On It (SP), Le Vin (SP), Lonesome Boy (SP) Odds (0)
10:00 Valparaiso
Jazz Pampa (NR), Senor Canales (3.00), Alexander Selkirk (3.50), El Mechudo (6.00), El Negro Tomas (7.00), The Great Johnny (7.00), Mcclane (8.00), No Pain No Gain (21.00), Baqueano (34.00)
Odds (1)
10:30 Valparaiso
Sister Maha (2.00), A Muerte Socio (5.00), Justinsito Crack (6.00), Cosas Imposibles (8.00), Road King (12.00), Cat Bay (13.00), Big Wallace (17.00), Irasema (21.00), Afirmate Gato (23.00), La Tropezon (34.00)
Odds (1)
11:00 Valparaiso
Di Napoli (3.25), Arrancate Pairino (5.00), Chrome Magic (5.00), Indian Wolf (6.00), Parsifal (7.00), From The Sky (8.00), Kyo (17.00), Mr Kiss (21.00), Antiyal (34.00), Luiverar (34.00)
Odds (1)
11:30 Valparaiso
La Unica Reina (3.00), Sasuke (4.00), Puyuhuapi Ii (5.00), Grande Martin (6.00), Sorprendeme (11.00), Soy Nortina (11.00), Mi Hechicera (13.00), Salon De Baile (17.00), La Unidad (21.00), Gran Gallega (34.00)
Odds (1)
Race 1 Valparaiso
Adios (SP), Antun (SP), Bruno Alonso (SP), Dubai Rules (SP), Gocce (SP), Gonsara (SP), La Maidita (SP), Mairito (SP), Michelitina (SP), Mubarak (SP) Odds (0)
Race 10 Valparaiso
Blackdoor (SP), Corazon Y Guerrera (SP), Dancer Chrome (SP), Gran Ambar (SP), Gran Gallega (SP), Llena De Amistad (SP), Oboe Soprano (SP), Ouro (SP), Pelusona Soy (SP), Por Siempre Ivonne (SP) Odds (0)
Race 11 Valparaiso
Badboy (SP), Cable A Tierra (SP), California Spring (SP), Candelaria Bliz (SP), Don Furibundo (SP), Gastonazo (SP), Golden East (SP), Irish Boy (SP), Jassur (SP), Negra Fina (SP) Odds (0)
Race 12 Valparaiso
Afirmate Gato (SP), Aladdin Prince (SP), Burladero (SP), Costamia (SP), En Veces (SP), Fully Loaded (SP), Gran Bicho (SP), Grey Sun (SP), Jardin Del Este (SP), Radio Teatro (SP) Odds (0)
Race 12 Valparaiso
Alexander Selkirk (SP), Baqueano (SP), El Mechudo (SP), El Negro Tomas (SP), Jazz Pampa (NR), Mcclane (SP), No Pain No Gain (SP), Senor Canales (SP), The Great Johnny (SP) Odds (0)
Race 13 Valparaiso
A Muerte Socio (SP), Afirmate Gato (SP), Big Wallace (SP), Cat Bay (SP), Cosas Imposibles (SP), El Tatuado (SP), Irasema (SP), Justinsito Crack (SP), La Tropezon (SP), Road King (SP) Odds (0)
Race 13 Valparaiso
Antiyal (SP), El Espia (SP), Ghosty (SP), Gran Abu Yalil (SP), Indian Wolf (SP), Kyo (SP), Levantate Bebe (SP), Luiverar (SP), Marsali (SP), Mr Kiss (SP) Odds (0)
Race 14 Valparaiso
Antiyal (SP), Arrancate Pairino (SP), Chrome Magic (SP), Di Napoli (SP), From The Sky (SP), Indian Wolf (SP), Kyo (SP), Luiverar (SP), Mr Kiss (SP), Parsifal (SP) Odds (0)
Race 14 Valparaiso
Donde Raul (SP), Double Black (SP), Dubai Girl (SP), El Tatuado (SP), Justinsito Crack (SP), La Tropezon (SP), Mambo King (SP), Mi Hechicera (SP), Poncho Grande (SP), Salon De Baile (SP) Odds (0)
Race 15 Valparaiso
Gran Gallega (SP), Grande Martin (SP), La Unica Reina (SP), La Unidad (SP), Llena De Amistad (SP), Mi Hechicera (SP), Puyuhuapi Ii (SP), Roman War (SP), Salon De Baile (SP), Sasuke (SP) Odds (0)
Race 2 Valparaiso
Antu Newen (SP), Askinbay (SP), Barrilete Cosmico (SP), Boruto (SP), Condecorado (SP), El Criollo (SP), El Oportuno (SP), El Palmeno (SP), El Regento (SP), El Veneco (SP) Odds (0)
Race 3 Valparaiso
Cuarto Menguante (SP), Dale Toto (SP), El Ninja (SP), Giantify (SP), Irish Band (SP), Super Feliz (SP) Odds (0)
Race 4 Valparaiso
Corazon Noble (SP), Hasparren (SP), Mister E (SP), One Vision (SP), Royal Seal (SP), Tiro A Tiro (SP), Uli El Luchador (SP), Winning Point (SP) Odds (0)
Race 5 Valparaiso
Arlequinada (SP), Ay Zandunga (SP), Flying Donna (SP), Ortodoxa (SP), Perla Del Austro (SP), Soul Queen (SP), Tita Linda (SP) Odds (0)
Race 6 Valparaiso
Cafe Expresso (SP), Cruz Salvador (SP), Eso No Se Cuenta (SP), Estephania (SP), Gigante Del Paso (SP), Lucky Boss (SP), Picho Amado (SP), Pradon (SP), Ramon Bay (SP), Regalito (SP) Odds (0)
Race 7 Valparaiso
Big Wallace (SP), Bone Less (SP), Dumbledore (SP), El Comodoro (SP), Fifty Fifty (SP), Gloriosa Amanda (SP), Gran Drago (SP), La Flower (SP), Potro Querido (SP), Royal Fierce (SP) Odds (0)
Race 8 Valparaiso
Ciocolatta (SP), Dubai Art (SP), El Representante (SP), Gilligan (SP), Litoral Central (SP), Negrito Regalon (SP), Risiko (SP), Tamburellito (SP), Toque De Oro (SP), True Galan (SP) Odds (0)
Race 9 Valparaiso
Al Hakam (SP), Bar Tender (SP), Cielo Brillante (SP), Gran Cafrune (SP), Italo Veneciano (SP), La Combi Completa (SP), La Kadi (SP), Ramblinrose (SP), Sdarovia (SP), Sesenton (SP) Odds (0)
Race 4 Santa Anita Park
Prince Prancealot (2.10), Refocus (3.50), Clever Clover (6.50), Stay On The Fence (9.50), Salsation (12.00)
Odds (6)
Race 5 Santa Anita Park
Eleven Out Of Ten (NR), Avoir (3.00), Ms Mcwhinney (4.33), Tianma (6.50), Discrepancy (9.00), Smooth As Butter (9.00), Toulouse Detrac (9.00), Certitude (11.00), Ang N Ash (17.00)
Odds (6)
Race 6 Santa Anita Park
De Joria (2.75), Yvetts Surprise (4.00), Midnight Silence (4.50), Zzyzx (6.50), Half Nelson (11.00), Glory Of Chrome (17.00)
Odds (6)
Race 7 Santa Anita Park
Elegant (2.75), Invincible Molly (6.00), April Vintage (7.00), She Is Romantic (7.50), Ms Brightside (8.00), Madison Rae (12.00), Granny Budgie (15.00), Highlands (17.00)
Odds (5)
Race 8 Santa Anita Park
Cowboy Mike (2.88), Giovinazzo (3.50), Direct Line (4.00), Lambeau (9.50), Departure (10.00)
Odds (5)
Race 9 Santa Anita Park
Good At Being Bad (NR), Gold Foot (3.75), Transcendental (4.50), Potential Spam (5.00), Gorilla Boy (5.50), When Heroes Fly (5.50), Gazon (10.00), Wrong Direction (13.00), Uplift (34.00), Tiger By The Tail (41.00)
Odds (3)