Ireland Horse Racing Odds

Outright Markets
2:10 Killarney
Ballard Prince (SP), Ballymist (SP), Brians Greatescape (SP), Brookie (SP), Drumlee Lake (SP), Eclipseofardkilly (SP), Getaway Henry (SP), Hashtag Pretender (SP), Hisnameis Mrdevitt (SP), How Decc (SP) Odds (0)
2:45 Killarney
Added Bonus (SP), Bergentown (SP), Betterask Jj (SP), Cassidys Girl (SP), Ceanndana (SP), Gondor (SP), Grinn (SP), Joan Of Pimlico (SP), Kaylas Delight (SP), Let Her Flow (SP) Odds (0)
3:20 Killarney
Alvaro (SP), Berkshire Royal (SP), Doctor Duffy (SP), Finest Evermore (SP), Flying Scotsman (SP), Lynwood Gold (SP), Mars Harper (SP), Merry Poppins (SP), Molly Wedger (SP), Nibblers Charm (SP) Odds (0)
3:55 Killarney
Babylon Beach (SP), Ballybough Native (SP), Cahirdown Boy (SP), Freddie Robdal (SP), My Boy Bob (SP), Vina Ardanza (SP), Whosgotyanow (SP), Wouldnt You Agree (SP) Odds (0)
4:05 Killarney
Charlie Luciano (NR), Aghaboy (3.00), Chargo (5.00), Grizabella (9.50), Pepsiwithacap (9.50), Shetland Tony (12.00), Great Rock (13.00), Arch Enemy (15.00), Deluca Chop (15.00), Bright Blue (34.00)
Odds (10)
4:30 Killarney
Authorized Art (SP), Call Me Lyreen (SP), Charlie Siringo (SP), Ganapathi (SP), Rambranltjac (SP), The Little Yank (SP) Odds (0)
4:40 Killarney
Jiving Jerry (NR), Purple Mountain (4.50), Outback Flyer (5.50), Tudor City (7.00), Rich Belief (8.50), Skippin Court (8.50), Top Bandit (9.00), Effernock Fizz (11.00), Felix Desjy (13.00), Rock On Seamie (29.00)
Odds (10)
5:05 Killarney
Act Of God (SP), Arrycan (SP), Birchdale (SP), Castlegrace Paddy (SP), Discordantly (SP), Exit Poll (SP), Ferdia (SP), Fils Doudairies (SP), January Jets (SP), Kapard (SP) Odds (0)
5:15 Killarney
Rexem (2.38), Esperti (5.50), Level Neverending (5.50), Dragon Rock (6.00), Toss Again (15.00), Komback (101)
Odds (10)
5:40 Killarney
Follow The Brave (SP), Marine Nationale (SP), My Gaffer (SP), Smallcraftwarning (SP), Watergrangedreamer (SP) Odds (0)
5:45 Killarney
Jon Snow (2.75), Alfa Mix (5.50), Perfect Attitude (5.50), Fakiera (7.00), Walking On Glass (10.00), Oscar Academy (17.00), Captain Kangaroo (23.00), Quaker Island (81.00)
Odds (10)
6:20 Killarney
Ardaghs Choice (NR), Good As Hell (NR), Jetango (NR), Rule Of June (4.50), Arverne (5.50), Gelee Blanche (6.50), Diegos Way (8.00), Im Not Alone (12.00), Zalika (15.00), Greenhill Damsel (17.00)
Odds (10)
6:55 Killarney
Feyan (NR), Smitty Bacall (4.33), Temptationinmilan (6.00), Union Park (7.00), Mica Malpic (8.50), Presenting Cody (9.00), Name Me Famous (12.00), Filon DOudairies (15.00), Fly De Megaudais (19.00), Carnet De Stage (21.00)
Odds (10)
7:30 Killarney
Dads Lad (4.00), The Greek (6.50), Western Cowboy (7.00), Cornerkova (8.00), Robinnia (8.00), Eagle Moon (10.00), Gevrey (12.00), Jack Holiday (15.00), Stormey (19.00)
Odds (10)
8:05 Killarney
Light Lady (NR), Polo Lounge (3.25), Battle Of Mirbat (6.00), Wisteria Bloom (6.50), Galvarino (8.00), The Reenroe Beach (8.00), Sunday Soldier (13.00), Next Week (19.00), Nanoshomeannelise (34.00), You Say Its Over (41.00)
Odds (10)
1:25 Curragh
Covent Garden (SP), Fleetfoot (SP), Hialeah (SP), Hiawatha (SP), Hippodrome (SP), Jalo (SP), Lygon Street (SP), Sea Legend (SP), Valiant King (SP) Odds (0)
2:00 Curragh
Canute (SP), Charles Bianconi (SP), Continuous (SP), Feach Amach (SP), High Court Judge (SP), Intellotto (SP), King Of Scotia (SP), Kings Time (SP), Livio Milo (SP), Marco Monaco (SP) Odds (0)
2:35 Curragh
Dark Vega (SP), Effernock Fizz (SP), Hymn Book Too (SP), Kazakdaria (SP), Kerkiyra (SP), Mighty Blue (SP), Onameridance (SP), Pachmena (SP), Star Image (SP), Willesee (SP) Odds (0)
3:10 Curragh
Hans Andersen (2.75), Proud And Regal (2.75), Aesops Fables (4.00), Lakota Seven (13.00), Young Ireland (17.00), Apache Outlaw (23.00), Semblance Of Order (51.00)
Odds (1)
3:45 Curragh
Meditate (2.62), Olivia Maralda (4.33), Zoinnocent (4.33), Thornbrook (7.50), Gan Teorainn (12.00), Maybe Just Maybe (12.00), With Love (29.00)
Odds (1)
4:20 Curragh
Albatala (SP), Baalbec Beauty (SP), Caesiere (SP), Chain Of Destiny (SP), Coolree (SP), Crimson Flag (SP), Empress Lily (SP), Gobi Star (SP), Janice Joplin (SP), Keep Sharp (SP) Odds (0)
4:55 Curragh
Astelia (SP), Fenomeno (SP), Fleet Commander (SP), Harley Street (SP), Hibernia Oppositus (SP), Insulate (SP), Near Far (SP), Nostringsattached (SP), Petram (SP), Picture Of You (SP) Odds (0)
5:30 Curragh
Aloysius Lilius (SP), Amazing Emma (SP), Attelboro (SP), Boughtinthedark (SP), Derrinlaur Spender (SP), Dragons Call (SP), Elegant Ellen (SP), Ever Rock (SP), Fine Distraction (SP), Florence Thompson (SP) Odds (0)
2:30 Naas
Claycastle (SP), Cyber Attack (SP), Eye Of Envy (SP), Freedom Falls (SP), Highly Desirable (SP), Lumiere Rock (SP), Madly Truly (SP), Mile End (SP), Pro Bono Alexander (SP), Saoibh (SP) Odds (0)
3:00 Naas
Alfarida (SP), Basil Martini (SP), Calling All Angels (SP), Clever And Cool (SP), Dower House (SP), Grace Darling (SP), Holy Sunshine (SP), Hope And Innocence (SP), Kodihill (SP), Little Fury (SP) Odds (0)
3:30 Naas
Bird Of Play (SP), Bonny Power (SP), Glyde Ranger (SP), Halftime Show (SP), Heartrate (SP), Laser Jet (SP), Lisieux (SP), Mount Mary (SP), Mount Ruapehu (SP), Munlaigh (SP) Odds (0)
4:00 Naas
Adaay To Remember (SP), Ano Syra (SP), Benefit (SP), Goodnight Girl (SP), Hello You (SP), My Eyes Adore You (SP), Perfect News (SP), Pirate Jenny (SP), Sablonne (SP), Sacred Bridge (SP) Odds (0)
4:30 Naas
Andromedas Kingdom (SP), Belardeen (SP), Born Invincible (SP), Brave Display (SP), Coffeemeanscoffee (SP), Ecclesiastical (SP), Eleuthera (SP), Empress Of Bough (SP), Hastily (SP), Hodds Girl (SP) Odds (0)
5:00 Naas
Dancila (SP), Goodie Two Shoes (SP), Janoobi (SP), Sierra Nevada (SP), Vega Magnifico (SP) Odds (0)
5:30 Naas
Alma Libre (SP), Believe In Science (SP), Cleopatras Needle (SP), Coeur dOr (SP), Dare To Flare (SP), Focus Required (SP), Hibernicus (SP), Indulging (SP), Joupe (SP), Kalaroun (SP) Odds (0)
4:25 Kilbeggan
Cant Stop Smiling (NR), Come On Du Berlais (NR), Red Lodge (NR), Quel Reve (1.91), Pats Choice (5.00), Estepona Sun (5.50), Ithaka (9.00), Action Station (21.00), Steel Queen (21.00), Edge Of My Seat (26.00)
Odds (10)
5:00 Kilbeggan
Roaring Potter (NR), Senecia (NR), Champagne Problem (1.33), Mister Beeton (3.75), I Dont Get It (41.00)
Odds (10)
5:35 Kilbeggan
Innisfree Beauty (NR), Wojood (NR), Sargent Lightfoot (4.50), Grozni (5.00), Via Rosa (8.50), Rotten Row (9.00), Lariat (9.50), Deja Rouge (10.00), Run Like Fada (13.00), Rare Conor (21.00)
Odds (10)
6:10 Kilbeggan
Gali Flight (NR), Run For Pat (2.75), Valley Breeze (3.50), Itso Vango (6.00), Grand Soir (7.50), Sarsfield (13.00), Bowtie (15.00), Highland Sting (41.00), Polo Express (51.00), Blazing Yeats (67.00)
Odds (10)
6:45 Kilbeggan
Born Famous (NR), Carlotalin (NR), Garrai Phaidin (NR), Good Man Turk (4.33), Chief Seattle (4.50), Crobally Boy (6.50), Back The West (7.00), Humps And Bumps (11.00), Rudy Catrail (11.00), Local Rogue (12.00)
Odds (10)
7:20 Kilbeggan
Brave Way (3.75), Siberian Prince (4.33), Jack Hackett (7.00), Arthurs Baby (8.00), Old Town Garde (8.00), Presenting Bonnie (9.50), Goodnightngodbless (12.00), Father Jed (34.00)
Odds (10)
7:55 Kilbeggan
Lake Winnipesaukee (3.50), Champagnesocialist (3.75), Thecompanysergeant (5.50), Artemis Angel (11.00), Memories Never Die (15.00), Song For My Father (19.00), Macs Or Hayes (21.00), Save Face (23.00), Hi Ski (29.00), Set My Love Free (29.00)
Odds (10)