Ireland Horse Racing Odds

Outright Markets
4:45 Dundalk
Spirituoso (NR), Time To Burn (NR), Sister Lola (1.90), Malaysian (5.50), Even Flow (7.00), Betrayed (15.00), Hightown Heights (17.00), Roaring Water (19.00), Helen De Pourtales (23.00), Hidden Spark (41.00)
Odds (10)
5:15 Dundalk
Crystal Dawn (NR), Resourceful Man (NR), Tipperary Moon (NR), Skontonovski (4.75), Woodrow (7.50), Swiss Army Officer (9.00), Brosna Empress (10.00), Chavajod (10.00), Baronial Pride (11.00), Thunder Rain (11.00)
Odds (10)
5:45 Dundalk
Kings View (3.50), Sunset Nova (4.50), Noirvento (5.50), Caesars Comet (8.50), Brave Display (17.00), Brokers Tip (17.00), Eleuthera (17.00), Faraah (19.00), Blueberry Tree (23.00), Its All A Joke (34.00)
Odds (10)
6:15 Dundalk
Seven Worlds (NR), Eglish (5.00), Red Cymbal (6.50), Myrcella (7.00), Collective Power (7.50), Manhattan Dandy (8.00), Tai Sing Yeh (10.00), Beleaguerment (11.00), Cornish Rock (15.00), St Cianans Fire (29.00)
Odds (10)
6:45 Dundalk
Benevolent (NR), Rhythm Of Zain (3.50), Memory Motel (5.50), Pepper Streak (7.00), War Effort (7.50), Rockbury Lad (8.00), Chriss Rose (13.00), Go Razzmatazz (15.00), Pandemic Princess (17.00), It Might Be You (19.00)
Odds (10)
7:15 Dundalk
The Highway Rat (4.50), Harrys Bar (6.50), May Sonic (7.00), Dandalla (7.50), Master Matt (8.50), Lady In France (9.00), Urban Beat (9.00), Stormy Girl (11.00), Strong Johnson (51.00)
Odds (10)
7:45 Dundalk
Affogato (NR), Golden Ticket (NR), Together Aclaim (NR), Alaroos (3.25), Swing Point (5.00), Purple Dawn (6.00), Montenegro (10.00), All In The Mind (11.00), Queens Command (15.00), Capo La Gala (17.00)
Odds (10)
8:15 Dundalk
Glinting (2.20), Hobsons Bay (4.00), Impulsar (4.50), High Voltage (9.00), Scalor (26.00), Doctor Power (34.00), Gracesolution (34.00), Stay Thinking (34.00), Mr Weebee (51.00), Polar Peak (51.00)
Odds (10)
1:40 Leopardstown
Corky (SP), Dylanger (SP), Esculenta (SP), Eternal Gold (SP), Fairy Stone (SP), Georgeta (SP), Karratha (SP), Palais Delysee (SP), Pantelleria (SP), Perfect Thunder (SP) Odds (0)
2:15 Leopardstown
Beauty Amazed (SP), Dudleys Bar (SP), Green Force (SP), Highland King (SP), Hotrocket (SP), Loch Ness (SP), Loom Large (SP), National Generaux (SP), Rene Artois (SP), Run Silver Run (SP) Odds (0)
2:50 Leopardstown
Marsa (SP), Nectarine (SP), Nectaris (SP), Past Time (SP), Shanghai Dragon (SP), Tut Tut (SP) Odds (0)
3:25 Leopardstown
A Ma Chere (SP), Carrytheone (SP), Casanova (SP), Current Option (SP), Elysium (SP), Fictitious Lady (SP), Gyldan (SP), Laughifuwant (SP), Lunar Space (SP), Masen (SP) Odds (0)
4:00 Leopardstown
Amazed By Grace (SP), Avagardner (SP), Big Baby Bull (SP), Bonnyrigg (SP), Bringsty (SP), Coins Cross (SP), Dilawara (SP), Got The Moves (SP), Improving (SP), Is That Love (SP) Odds (0)
4:35 Leopardstown
Bucky Larson (SP), Comfort Line (SP), Dream Tale (SP), He Knows No Fear (SP), In From The Cold (SP), Mazagran (SP), Mccabe (SP), Oneiroi (SP), Plume Noire (SP), Quizical (SP) Odds (0)
5:10 Leopardstown
Boundless Ocean (5.00), Duke De Sessa (5.00), Anchorage (6.50), Piz Badile (8.00), Caroline Herschel (9.00), French Claim (9.00), Grenoble (11.00), Voice Of Angels (11.00), Good Heavens (13.00), Lullaby (21.00)
Odds (1)
5:40 Leopardstown
Big Challenge (SP), Dublin Journal (SP), Estepona Sun (SP), Great Realisation (SP), Jo March (SP), Lord Park (SP), Malbas (SP), Nibiru (SP), Old Tom Higgins (SP), Overheer (SP) Odds (0)
1:10 Galway
Coole Og (SP), Elusive Touch (SP), Glenview Rose (SP), Jumping Jet (SP), Lady Rita (SP), Lady Temperance (SP), Mare Quimby (SP), Missiee (SP), Outback Flyer (SP), Pour The Wine (SP) Odds (0)
1:20 Galway
Iberique Du Seuil (2.25), Powerful Kieran (4.00), Helvic Princess (6.00), Loughisle Lady (6.00), White Pepper (6.50), Vocito (17.00), Sky Dweller (26.00), Drury Lane (34.00), Sand Drift (51.00), Speedy Pix (67.00)
Odds (1)
1:42 Galway
Alfa Mix (SP), Balkito (SP), Bay Ambition (SP), Carrolls Cottage (SP), Different Strokes (SP), Fantastic Allen (SP), Fun Light (SP), Ragnar Lodbrok (SP), Sams Profile (SP), Silver Sheen (SP) Odds (0)
1:52 Galway
Choice Of Words (2.75), Sams Choice (3.00), Explosive Boy (6.00), Freedom To Dream (6.00), Derrylinda (9.00), Rightful Mind (17.00), Pyramid Hill (34.00), Emperor Dani (67.00)
Odds (1)
2:17 Galway
The Dabbler (4.00), Tesseract (5.00), Peaches And Cream (6.50), Theatre World (6.50), Bois De Clamart (7.00), Winter Escape (8.50), Dromore Lad (12.00), Ennemi Public (13.00), Fill The Tank (19.00)
Odds (1)
2:27 Galway
Robinnia (3.25), Choungaya (4.50), Presented Well (6.00), Gevrey (7.50), Global Equity (8.00), Call The Tune (8.50), Razzle Dazzle Love (15.00), Song Of Earth (15.00), Millen To One (17.00), Fighting Fit (26.00)
Odds (1)
2:52 Galway
Balbir Du Mathan (SP), Captain Jimmy (SP), Classic Concorde (SP), Father Jed (SP), Garrai Phaidin (SP), Go All The Way (SP), Hilltop Supreme (SP), Lessofdnegativity (SP), Mystic Embarr (SP), Pairc Na Ngael (SP) Odds (0)
3:02 Galway
Colonel Mustard (1.72), Harry Alonzo (3.00), Gortmillish (6.50), Gamin Original (9.00), Whiskeywealth (13.00), Greenhill Damsel (51.00), Champagne Vacation (67.00), Petrocco (67.00), Dardedze (101), Galway Johnny (101)
Odds (1)
3:27 Galway
Ballywilliam Boy (SP), Donacheady Gale (SP), Perfect Attitude (SP), Rambranltjac (SP), Robyndeglory (SP) Odds (0)
3:37 Galway
Buck Rogers (5.50), Guiri (6.00), Wearapinkribbon (6.00), Balko Des Flos (6.50), Bread And Butter (11.00), Elwood (11.00), Minx Tiara (13.00), Owenacurra Lass (13.00), Bothar Dubh (15.00), Coventry (15.00)
Odds (1)
4:02 Galway
Aikenbreakinheart (SP), Barbary Master (SP), Belville Babe (SP), Chinx Of Light (SP), Duffys Hodey (SP), Favori De Champdou (SP), Good Morning Utah (SP), Lonracha (SP), Moyode Mist (SP), Paddys Planet (SP) Odds (0)
4:10 Galway
Glenquin Castle (2.87), Courting Vickie (9.00), Stolen Moment (9.00), Boghlone Honey (10.00), My Friend The Wind (11.00), Roped In (11.00), Bintheredonethat (15.00), Moyode Lady (15.00), Walking The Walk (15.00), Anuas Ar An Bpost (17.00)
Odds (1)
4:37 Galway
Andratx (SP), Awkwafina (SP), Big King (SP), Ena Baie (SP), Endlessly (SP), Forza Milan (SP), Thousand Tears (SP), Young Fitzy (SP) Odds (0)
4:45 Galway
Le Nouveau (2.62), Noble Birth (3.00), Fennas Loss (7.50), Da Capo Glory (8.50), Flemens Tipple (8.50), Halligator (13.00), Rohans Successor (21.00), San Paolino (26.00)
Odds (1)
5:10 Galway
Agape (SP), Agirlcalledchloe (SP), Churchtown Ruby (SP), Free Birds Fly (SP), Ginger Warrior (SP), Hunting Goodwill (SP), Kilbarry Chloe (SP), Moon Rise Beauty (SP), Ottizzini (SP), Redwood Queen (SP) Odds (0)
1:25 Wexford
Aoibheann Na Ngall (SP), Barncroft (SP), Call Me Tina (SP), Chiricahua (SP), Downtown Queen (SP), Duffys Getaway (SP), Fancy A Cosmo (SP), Herculaneum (SP), Midnight Our Fred (SP), My Little Lily (SP) Odds (0)
2:00 Wexford
Aprils Moon (SP), Dashing Shirocco (SP), Intersky Sunset (SP), Lunar Display (SP), Queens Brook (SP), Say Goodbye (SP), Toor Moment (SP) Odds (0)
2:35 Wexford
Chosen Diamond (SP), Cullaghs Star (SP), Golden Cosmos (SP), Ideal Pal (SP), Jeweller (SP), Lackaneen Rebel (SP), Limpertinent (SP), Miss Fanta (SP), Mr Fred Rogers (SP), Naomh Moling (SP) Odds (0)
3:10 Wexford
Better Than Heaven (SP), Big Shanghai (SP), Birdie Blitz (SP), Cornakill Rose (SP), Dympnas Well (SP), Ever So Cool (SP), Get Crackin (SP), Getaday (SP), Hisdaywillcome (SP), I Cant Remember (SP) Odds (0)
3:45 Wexford
Auckland (SP), Champagne Sparkles (SP), Even Flight (SP), Fire Attack (SP), Satin Sun (SP), Turndownthevolume (SP) Odds (0)
4:20 Wexford
Ask Nile (SP), Best Behavior (SP), Bolbec (SP), Bold Emperor (SP), Cushinstown Finest (SP), Exit To The West (SP), Filon DOudairies (SP), Golden Jewel (SP), Goodbye Someday (SP), Marshalled (SP) Odds (0)
4:55 Wexford
Bessy Bradley (SP), Cafe Del Mar (SP), Chestnut Rose (SP), Diamondinthemud (SP), Getaway Dancer (SP), Hedgecutter (SP), Kicking Princess (SP), Mill Field (SP), New Vick (SP), Rathnaleen Cappy (SP) Odds (0)