Newcastle Odds | UK Horse Racing Odds

Outright Markets
5:00 Newcastle
Ancora (SP), Angelica K (SP), Dazzling Jewel (SP), Golden Echo (SP), Hail The Flag (SP), Kitteridge (SP), Lucykeys (SP), Reyaadah Star (SP), Sea Ice (SP), Storm Spirit (SP) Odds (0)
5:30 Newcastle
Havanarama (SP), Kapparis Kid (SP), Likeashadow (SP), Mariner (SP), Reveal (SP), Smart Vision (SP), Star Mind (SP), Treat Of Treats (SP) Odds (0)
6:00 Newcastle
Cover Up (3.00), Moon Flight (5.00), Clearpoint (7.50), Exalted Angel (7.50), Intervention (9.00), Lord Riddiford (10.00), Pockley (10.00), Jump The Gun (19.00) Odds (1)
6:30 Newcastle
Asadjumeirah (SP), Burj Malinka (SP), Carlton And Co (SP), Nazca (SP), Pembrokeshire (SP), Redzone (SP), Rory (SP), Warminster (SP) Odds (0)
7:00 Newcastle
Abolish (SP), Athollblair Boy (SP), Captain Vallo (SP), Dream Together (SP), Flash The Dash (SP), Late Arrival (SP), Thaki (SP), The Gay Blade (SP) Odds (0)
7:30 Newcastle
Alexander James (SP), Dougies Dream (SP), Dragons Will Rise (SP), Havana Party (SP), Irish Flame (SP), Largent (SP), Local Bay (SP), Martins Brig (SP), Showmedemoney (SP), Souffionne (SP) Odds (0)
8:00 Newcastle
Barossa (SP), Child Of Lir (SP), Eva Rosie (SP), Fulltime (SP), Knight Of Magic (SP), Ledger (SP), Mr Coco Bean (SP), Run At Dawn (SP), Stand Free (SP), Wheres The Crumpet (SP) Odds (0)
8:30 Newcastle
Aconcagua Mountain (SP), Birkenhead (SP), Candy Eye (SP), Elzaal (SP), Enraged (SP), Mehmo (SP), Mews House (SP), Murbih (SP), Phoenix Star (SP), Sixcor (SP) Odds (0)